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Setup an everyday alert for your AWS usage bill

DAY 2 - AWS Budgets

☁️100 days of Cloud- Day Two
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Monitor your costs against a specified dollar amount and receive alerts on a daily basis.
Use cases - everyday report to Managers, CFO, Cloud Administrator


AWS Account - User administrative privileges or with minimum access to the Budget (Limited: Read, Write)

You should have a budget setup on Billing & Cost Management Dashboard.

Also Make sure you create budget alert on root account if you are using ControlTower

Lets Start

For this tutorial i will be creating both budget and Budget reports.

Step 1

Create a budget

Screenshots Steps
Billing Dashboard - Login to Aws Account and go to Billing , or click username on the right top area and then click Billing Dashboard
budget menu - Now click on to Budget and click Create Budgets
Costbudget - Select Cost Budget
Setting Budget - Select Period as Monthly(there are options available for Daily, Monthly, Annualy - Keep it as Recurring budget - Choose how to budget as Fixed - Enter your budgeted amount
Iname -** Name your Budget and click **Next
threshold Click on add a threshold ,set 80% **as your threshold also enter the **Email recipients (alternatively you can add SNS arn if you have one). Click Next **and **Create Budget

Step 2

Creating a daily budget report

Screenshots Steps
1 - Go back to Billing Console and click Budgets Reports then click Create budget report
2 - Select the newly created budget keep Delivery settings as Daily.
3 Report frequency as Daily , and enter the email address of recipients. Finally give a name and click Create budget Report

🎉Congratulations🎉 you have successfully created a daily budget alert for you AWS infrastructure.

For more refinement on delivering these messages to Slack Channel, Microsoft Teams Channel or to any company chat channels i have created a sample tutorial here or read on

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