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Full-time web dev; JS lover since 2002; CSS fanatic. #CSSIsAwesome I try to stay up with new web platform features. Web feature you don't understand? Tell me! I'll write an article! He/him

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BS Computer Science, RPI


Software Developer

#todayilearnedString.prototype.search(): a method I wish I knew about a long time ago

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#discussWhat's your preferred Node.js testing setup?

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#helpMy confusions about TypeScript

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#healthydebateChromium and the browser monoculture problem

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#helpAskDev: Real-time group project collaboration tools?

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#discussWhat cool ideas have you seen for integrating new team members?

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"currentColor", the first CSS variable

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#discussDo you use a CSS framework based on CSS Grid?

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Why I care about the Semantic Web

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#showdevRewriting an old project! Part 2: JavaScript

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#showdevRewriting an old project! Part 1: HTML & CSS

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Flex items are not grid columns

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Stop using so many divs! An intro to semantic HTML

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How streams can simplify your life

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#discussIs there a good way to find out when your article is shared around?

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A few Python REPL config tricks

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Gradians and Turns: the quiet heroes of CSS angles

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#discussHow should we indent `const` declarations?

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Why we need CSS subgrid

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#discussAdvice for online grad school with a busy life?

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CSS Grid Areas are amazing

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The JavaScript Iteration Protocols and How They Fit In

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JavaScript vs. Python: Default Function Parameter Values

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