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LGTM Devlog 1: New Logo, and jumping the gun by buying a domain

The first thing a programmer must do for a new project is... buy a domain. Sorry, but those are the rules. We let hubris and enthusiasm take over, and we sincerely believe that "this is it, this is the project that I complete, I must reserve this domain right now at the start".

I suspect there's a big pool of unused domains out there, purchased by programmers for projects that aren't finished. Today, I'm adding to that pool... I hope temporarily...

The Name

I'm naming this project LGTM, meaning "Looks Good To Me", it's a phrase often used during code reviews, where one programmer reviews the work of another, and if there isn't anything to comment on, a single "LGTM" message might be sent.

In my mind, LGTM is synonymous with git. In fact, the first time I saw it, it was in the context of using git, and I thought it meant "Let's Get This Merged"

The Logo

I've pulled together a logo for the project, mostly because I already had a git-themed logo on hand that I'm re-using from a previous project that I had designed earlier. Feels good to re-use it, and gives the project some identity early on.

New Logo:
LGTM Banner Logo

Why the cats? Well inevitably being an internet thing, it features cats. But the icon is meant to be reminiscent of the official git logo:

Official git logo

It also has a sort of NPM vibe to it, though that was accidental.

The Domain

Ok, I'm going ahead and pulling the trigger on purchasing this domain:

I'm serious about what I said earlier - we as developers have this tendency to jump the gun and buy domains for projects that never see the light of day. It's kind of a "didn't finish the project tax". But... it's also added incentive for me to complete the project, and it's something you, the readers of this blog series, can have a look at sometimes.

Domain purchase screen

And on a practical note, I think I will need it soon for technical reasons - GitHub uses webhooks to notify services of git activity, so I will need an address for GitHub to post to

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