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LGTM Devlog 6: Sprint 1 plans

Ok, It's planning time. What am I going to do this week/sprint and aims?

I like to operate big-ish personal projects in sprints. It's not quite the kind of sprint I would use in actual teamwork since solo work means there's little need for a lot of it, but I've found working in sprints to be beneficial even for personal projects.

Now that I have the broad sketch of architecture figured out, let's start this sprint focusing on getting the Webhook receiver set up

Webhook receiver?

LGTM Architecture diagram

The job of the webhook receiver, for now, is very simple but very important: Watch for forks of our LGTM repo, and use this as a signal to start a new game. I think this is the only thing we need it do, though there may be other things coming up in the future.

Therefore this week is a nice and light start to the project, and I will take some time to set up the repos and accounts that will be used later on.

Sprint plan

Our plan for this "sprint" looks like this:

Sprint plan

By the end of the sprint (nominally a week), I hope to have all our accounts and repos setup across Firebase and GitHub; have one firebase function in there ready to receive hooks from GitHub to notify us of Forks (though the functions won't be actually doing anything yet, but ready to send it on), and usual repo templates set up - python tests, CI/CD, the usual.

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