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LGTM Devlog 31: Sprint 4 Plan

Sprint 4 is here. The plan for this sprint is to finish the tasks left over from sprint 3, and start tackling some of the Character profile storage. Now that the underlying ORM is nice and clean, I should have an easier time implementing the rest of the functionality.

The sprint

Character Profile management

I hope one of the ways LGTM can be engaging is to give it a rich back-story, so that rather than doing endless dry exercises, the player can feel emotionally engaged with the task. It's something I experienced while doing Advent of Code. Although the vague back-story didn't feel like a big deal, I felt that it added to the charm of it. Had the exercises been presented without the narrative, I feel like it wouldn't have been interesting, even though materially from a programming exercise point of view, it would have been the same. Secondarily, I'm also influenced heavily by the game Uplink, which is, surprisingly for it's genre and mechanics, also driven by narrative.

To tat end, I'll be adding a new object called Character which will contain the functionality for LGTM to post messages to the player as this character. And I'd like these character's to have profiles so that the user can see a bit of back-story and world-building.

Secrets management

Each character necessarily has to be associated with a different GitHub account, so each character will end up needing a token stored to allow them to access it.

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