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LGTM Devlog 15: Sprint 2 plans

Sprint 2 time! What am I going to do/achieve this time?

Now that we have webhooks for forks coming in, it means we have all the information needed to create user accounts, and also start the game. Starting the game involves creating whatever database entities are needed, and then starting the first game quest/mission.

LGTM architecture diagram

Account storage

We need to start storing user accounts. Since we're on Firebase, the easiest solution here is to use Firebase Auth. So this task is simply about creating the relevant endpoints to do so

Quest storage

I'm going to start calling these "quests" now. These have to be defined somehow, and stored somewhere. This sprint's main task is to explore and define how these "quests" will be stored.

Task summary

So our task summary looks like this. These items are a little coarse, as there's a lot of investigation that's needed still.

Sprint 2 plan

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