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Full-stack PHP developer passionate about Laravel, modern JavaScript, and growing hot peppers.


Full-Stack Developer at Simucase

#showdevUsing the magic of mkcert to enable valid https on local dev sites

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5 min read

#showdevConverting my Windows PC to use MacOS keybindings

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4 min read

5 tips for supercharged Laravel Eloquent queries

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5 min read

Authenticating a Vue SPA is easy with Laravel Sanctum

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9 min read

Building an interactive Raspberry Pi dashboard with Laravel, Grafana, and Docker

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12 min read

My favorite Laravel helpers and how to use them

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4 min read

#showdevI built a static site generator to help during COVID-19

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Getting started with Amazon S3 storage in Laravel

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Crafting a better local Laravel dev environment with Docker

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Launching PDFBlade - Yet Another HTML to PDF API

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The satisfaction in treating your side projects like bonsai

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Cleaver - A blazing-fast static site generator using Laravel’s Blade

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6 min read

How to use Laravel’s bind and singleton methods

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#showdevIntroducing Larahawk - Simple log monitoring for Laravel applications

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Four ways to pass data from Laravel to Vue

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Adding real-time updates to your Laravel and Vue apps with laravel-websockets

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So you want to get started with AR.js

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The beauty of Docker for local Laravel development

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