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I'd recommend the staff plus any number of "regular" people. There are a lot of people I think give consistent quality content. There are also a huge number of people who look like they're great to follow but only have one or two posts...

Here's a quick off-the-top-of-my-dashboard list of users I haven't seen mentioned so far in this thread: @dmfay , @kayis , @helenanders26 , @kaydacode , @jkreeftmeijer , @terceranexus6 , @codemouse92 , @carlymho .


I have two devtoers to recommend.

@bhserna , He is good at design and test for rails apps.

@edisonywh , He is good at inner of Ruby.

I've learned much from them, really thanks.

In a month I've followed 86 devtoers, I'd like to learn from them.


Thanks for the mention chenge! Really means a lot :)


I've learned stuff I didn't know I needed to know from @rrampage - thanks for helping level up my Linux!

Learn you some Awk, you'll be a happier person.


Thanks, Ben! I gave Raunak a follow and I'll check out his awk article!


I'll add a new devtoer, @bgadrian . His post about Node is great, thanks a lot, I really understand what is Node.


@rhymes and @citizen428 . Both very helpful on the site and they've also helped by contributing to the repo. If you're looking to contribute to an open source project, is a great one!


@yo @ben I consider "must follow". @ben for related news, and @yo for very interesting and useful security articles (also creator of gitote!)


Really guys? I'm not interesting enough? Better step up my game.


Thanks for all the suggestions, guys! I've got lots of reading to catch up on now...

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