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Matthew Groves
Matthew Groves

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Matt's Tidbits #49 - What to do when your (Log)cat misbehaves

Last week I wrote about an easy way to filter search results that occur in unit tests so you can focus on production code. This time, I want to share a story about a misbehaving Logcat window.

Pet owners know that cats especially like to go crazy around the holidays:

Unfortunately, it seems my Logcat window in Android Studio took some inspiration from its furry cousins recently as the "filter" toolbar completely disappeared from the IDE for only one of my projects:

For those who aren't familiar, the piece that's missing is the following menu, which allows you to specify which device you're viewing output for, as well as filtering by app/log level/etc.:

Restarting Android Studio didn't help, so I turned to Stack Overflow, where I found the following thread:

Thankfully, this ended up being a simple fix, as clicking the "Event Log" button in the lower right corner brought the filter toolbar back right away!

As with any other Android Studio bug, it's important to check whether an official bug has been filed. In this case, one already existed - go star the issue if you'd like to see this one fixed!

Do you know of any Android Studio bugs that you haven't reported yet? You really should! Think of it like a developer New Year's resolution - make sure you're filing tickets for the bugs that you find - your input is important! The bugs won't get found and fixed all on their own. Please follow me on Medium if you're interested in being notified of future tidbits.

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This tidbit was discovered on December 23, 2019.

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Daniel Wilson

So annoying when this happens