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Matt's Tidbits #77 - It pays to star issues

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Last time I wrote about an exciting new feature of Android 11. This week, I want to share some good outcomes from filing/starring issues.

I've written about filing/starring issues before (Tidbits #2, #17, #42, #49, #61), but a recent comment on an issue I starred inspired me:

And, this isn't the only instance - sometimes this results in much larger bodies of work, like the upcoming improvements to the lint.xml functionality:

This is proof of the community-driven nature of how bugs are prioritized and fixed in Android Studio.

So, if you find a bug:

  1. Search for existing issues on https://issuetracker.google.com
  2. File a new issue if you couldn't find an existing one
  3. Star the issue
  4. Encourage your colleagues/friends/etc. to star the issue as well!

What bugs have you filed or starred that others should know about? Let me (and anyone who reads this) know in the comments below! And, please follow me on Medium if you're interested in being notified of future tidbits.

This tidbit was discovered on July 6, 2020.

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