How many computer devices do you own?

Ben Halpern on May 29, 2019

Computers, phones, tablets, etc.

How many of them do you use to develop software?

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  • Macbook Air 2012
  • Macbook Air 2013
  • Macbook Pro 2011
  • Macbook Prr 2019
  • Custom build Hackintosh
  • Surface Tablet 3
  • iPad Pro
  • 3 Echo Dots
  • Amazon Fire tablet
  • Samsung Galaxy A5 (primary)
  • iPhone 8 (development)

All I can recall right now.


Macbook Air 2012
Macbook Air 2013
Macbook Pro 2011
Macbook Prr 2019
Custom build Hackintosh
Surface Tablet 3

How may of these do you use regularly?


All of them. I have a lack of required devices.
I don't like having to carry my computer to various rooms
and so I have them set up around the house.

Some have specializations but mostly its and redundancy and convenience.

I have a lack of charges. Wiener dogs have chewed through a few.

Awesome! This is a life I could definitely live. I'd also read a post on some of the details of managing your config across devices, your cloud, etc.

I have a lack of charges. Wiener dogs have chewed through a few.

Ruby did the same with one of mine recently, but how can I stay mad at that face?


I run my dev environments in Cloud9.

I store most files shared on my network to my Hackintosh
which has terabytes of storage.

I make great use of Google Drive

I have paid version of Dashlane.


Do you just have a single dev environment in Cloud9? Or multiple? I’d be interested to hear the details of your setup, since I’m imagining you push as much state to the cloud as possible, so that this multi machine setup is seamless 😁

Also, are you using all of these machines for work? Or a mix of work and personal?


I have a Cloud9 environment for each project.
Cloud9 has limitations which are unfortunate.

I wish I could use Cloud9 with CloudFormation to provision tens of servers at once for the purpose of teaching but it's not possible as AWS has heavily neglected Cloud9 automation where you can only automate the creation of Amazon Linux Cloud9 environment with no way of running a script afterwards. Amazon Liunx has problems and so I can't even automate that step having to manually use the console to spin up Ubuntu environments.

Every intern and dev at ExamPro has a Cloud9 environment and it saves us so much time.
No worries having to figure out docker, no full days lots because your dev environment broke.

We wrote a bash script which setups the dev environment. It has to manually run, but at least it's only 1 action.

I have Cloud9 env for every project that I work on. Since servers only run when you use them I'm not too worried about multiple instances running at the same time.

I'm seeing more IDE services spin up but I can't justify the subscription costs where Cloud9 is so inexpensive. If one of these IDEs can match the same functionality as Cloud9 I would strongly consider architecting my only solution so I can automate setting or rebuilding environments

We attempted to connect Cloud9 to ECS but it simply was not possible.


I just use a cluster of Raspberry Pis. 😂

In all seriousness, I use the following regularly for coding in this order:


Hackintosh :O It's still a thing, I can't believe I forgot about them. I had one back in college while there was no way I could afford an actual Mac. I'd love to build one again though, from scratch with all the right components. Just seeing your boxes makes me want to assemble one. I think I have a new (old?) hobby.


My last Hackintosh was built several years ago, I've been meaning to do one again as well! Except I've been looking for a good laptop that can be made into a hackintosh... no luck there yet... :/

  • MacBook Pro 2015
  • iPhone X
  • Amazon Fire Tablet

The Fire Tablet has been a real star. Very inexpensive relative to an iPad (I bought mine on Prime Day) and it fulfills my basic needs of reading and video for traveling.


My SO is wearing her Fire Tablet into the ground. Was really hoping for USB-C on the new model so it wouldn't be the only non-USB-C device in our house 😞


I've cut way way back, but it's still a little out of control.

  • MacBook Pro 2016(?)
  • iPad 2018
  • iPad Mini 2013
  • Chromebook
  • iPhone 8+
  • iPhone 6 (not in use, but it's laying around, so I think it counts)

If we're counting my partner's gear as well, it gets really nuts.

  • Lenovo Yoga (I use this as well for Windows/PC testing)
  • Chromebook
  • Kindle Fire
  • Android Tablet 1
  • Android Tablet 2
  • Essential phone

Old, pretty shitty Dell Laptop running Windows 10 (only use it for Adobe products).

Old, slightly less shitty HP Desktop running Ubuntu (main Dev machine).

Old, very shitty iPad 2(?) (reading things on the toilet).

Old, very shitty Galaxy S5 (occasionally testing mobile).

I need some new hardware. 😂

  • Echo Dot
  • Google Home
  • 2018 MacBook Pro
  • Custom Build Desktop (win 10)
  • iPad Pro 10.5"
  • iPhone X
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 edge (maybe broken tho, not been used for a while)
  • iPod touch (the last generation released)

I try to use most of them for testing and debugged at least.


MacBook Pro. That’s it for 99% of the time.
I also have an iPhone, but use it mostly for reading these very articles in the morning, the rest of the day I tuck it away into a drawer because all the chit chat from messages is really distracting.
And I have a Kindle chock full of books and guides that I use as reference sometimes.


~~ Development ~~
2015 13" MacBook Pro
2018 Mac mini
2019 iPad mini
iPhone X
2nd-Gen iPad Pro - I don't use this as often since getting the iPad mini

For gaming, I use a custom built PC. And a Nintendo Switch.

  • Macbook Pro 15" 2015 (primarily used for work and travels)
  • PC desktop (primarily used for gaming, but also streaming and a bit of work)
  • Honor 9 Android phone (if it wasn't for totally garbo camera - I'd actually be happy with it)
  • iPad Pro (very handy for travels where I know I won't need to develop stuff)
  • Oculus Quest (that also counts as computer device, right? 😂)

I've seen some people include some other devices, so here we go:

  • Chromecast (because it makes it incredibly easy to watch stuff on my TV)
  • PS4 (to play exclusives once or twice a year 😅)
  • Switch (irreplaceable travel companion)
  • Desktop Powerhouse (the only one I develop on)
  • MacBook Air 2014
  • Android Tablet
  • iPhone
  • DumbTV
  • SemiSmart Amplifier
  • PS4

I used to own a whole bunch more, but I'll say they all belong to my kids now.


Right now a MacBook Pro mid2015, iPhone 7, iPad 2018, Apple Watch Series 4 and I just bought a 2019 iMac. I only use the MBP and iMac for development, though I sometimes read dev books on my iPad, if that counts!


How's the new iMac? I have one from 2017 and love it, but I'm looking to upgrade as I got the minimum specs.


Just saw this! I don't have another iMac to compare but it's been a HUGE performance difference from my MBP, mainly because the processor in my MBP is a dual core and I got the 9th generation i5 (which has 6 cores) on the iMac. I suppose that if you have the minimum specs and you're looking for an upgrade it'll probably be a good buy since you can upgrade the RAM yourself and save a loooot of money.


Good question... :thinking_face:

A gaming PC, an Asus laptop, my Google Pixel 1, and several gaming consoles.

Both my gaming desktop and laptop for development, however, my laptop doesn't have a lot of space, so I can only develop one project at a time on it. I bought my laptop to work on group projects with my friends at various locations.

  • MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Late 2012) -- Primary
  • Raspberry Pi B+
  • Some old HP computer

I usually use my MacBook with a decent 1080p external monitor. I bring it every few days for (high) school because the Chromebooks are garbage or if we have cs club and hackathons. I use my Pi for some cool concepts on automation or network penetration based hacking which is booted in Kali Linux. The old HP computer is a computer obtained from my dad's office which didn't want it, so I took and booted a very cool Linux Distro called Zorn OS (it's like if Mac OS and Windows had a baby). I bearly use that computer cause its hella old, the battery is nonexistent and it's pretty slow and the display is awful (like blue === purple).


My daily drivers include:

  • Thinkpad T520
  • iPad Mini 2
  • Asus Zenfone Laser 2
  • Fitbit Charge 2
  • Roku 2
  • Kobo Aura

And there's all the old gear that's destined for the dustbin of time:

  • Dell Inspiron 1318
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
  • Sony Xperia T
  • Sony Xperia Ray
  • Kobo Mini
  • Microsoft Zune 120 (which I'd still be using if not for its cursed proprietary MTP handshake)
  • Creative Labs Zen Stone Plus
  • a box full of 5400rpm laptop drives and USB keys smaller than 4 Gig

Dell XPS 15 ... If I am sitting at this computer I am writing software, period. Usually in the Linux subsystem and VSCode. Sometimes I plug it in to my desktop’s 4k screens on the standing desk. Usually using an ErgoDox keyboard when it isn’t on my lap.

iPad Pro 12.9 2018 for all media consumption related to code/work (twitter, blogs, tutorials, email, slack, etc), but rarely anything personal and I have separate dev accounts for social media and personal stuff. Turns out I can type really fast on this thing’s on screen keyboard :)

Pixel3 XL for all time wasting and personal stuff, but with digital wellbeing on to limit how much time I actually waste. Also streams music to my headphones and for calls, but notifications are turned off for all apps (soooo nice)

Kindle Voyage exclusively for learning and kept in my ‘work’ backpack. Even the kindle app on the iPad is too distracting for me

Kindle paper white for entertainment reading

And a monster desktop gaming rig, really just used for Factorio these days :)

  • Ryzen 7 2700x Workstation (Arch Linux)
  • i7 7700k Workstation (Windows 10)
  • Lenovo Thinkpad x220 (Arch Linux)
  • i7 2600 Hypervison (Proxmox VE server)
  • Core 2 Quad Q9550 Firewall (pFSense)
  • Pentium G3460 (FreeNAS)
  • Pentium G4560 Media Player (Lubuntu)
  • 4 Raspberry Pi (1B, 2B, 3B, 0W) (Raspbian)
  • OnePlus 6 (OxygenOS)
  • Razer Blade 15 for development (and sometimes boot into Windows for games)
  • Desktop windows for gaming
  • Pixel 3 XL for phone stuff
  • Pixel C for travel entertainment
  • Pixelbook for lightweight web (although I've started exploring development too)
  • Dell Professional P2417H 23.8" Screen LED-Lit Monitor
  • Samsung Galaxy tab A
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Active
  • ACER Nitro 5 core i5-7300HQ (Main source of development using Windows 10 pro)
  • Samsung tab 10.1 (Moded with Android Marshmallow used for taking notes and UI design Wire-framing, Website write up)
  • Logitech MX master
  • Samsung Gear S3 smart watch
  • Macbook Pro 2010 (experiments, privacy)

Daily, especially when researching things

  • MacMini 2012 (personal server, Plex, etc)

Daily, serves personal files and movies etc

  • USB Armory 2016 (Kali linux)

At least once a month to try a new tool

  • Macbook Pro 2016 (Personal)

Once a week for banking, bills, finances

  • Macbook Pro 2017 (Work)

Everyday, all day to get that pay

  • ipad Pro 2016 (YouTube, books)

Daily, YouTube and reading for relaxation

  • Nexus 6 (Kali Nethunter, travel phone)

~Twice a year, when traveling to sketchy places

  • iphoneX (primary)

Daily driver


MacBook Air 2017 and Xiaomi Redmi Pro (planning to buy Huawei P30 Lite). I also have Microsoft Lumia 535 which I haven't touched for 2 years or more. I also have MacBook Pro Mid-2010 which I used for two years; now I'm using 500GB SSD storage I got with it on my new MacBook.


= Microsoft Surface (Used to draw on it), main development computer
= iPhone 5something, nope
= iMac, backup development computer (rarely turned on)
= Old very expensive tablet PC before they became a mainstream thing (gathering dust in a drawer but still works!)
= A relic, a tiny netbook. Doesn't run new enough software to develop, but I wish they made them again!! They're so cute and portable!


active use - owned personally

Macbook pro 2014
main work laptop, refuse to upgrade to "new" macbook pro. Probably planning a linux replacement this year.

Intel i7-4770, 32 GB ram, gtx 1080
"gaming" PC - a real waste, considering how rarely I end up gaming the past few years, and the type of games I play, like factorial, =x

Used in random benchmarks like

3U Server : E5-2660 xeon (x2), 256 GB ram, lots of storage
Personal storage archive, and used as a personal experimental platform for many things server/infrastructure related.

Increasingly being used as a "remote dev" server, as part of my long term plan to drop my macbook pro. And get a "dumb client" - making all my changes via SSH (or something else)

Samsung S8
Primary communication phone. My general phone replacement policy is still its death, so about 2 more years i guess?

iPad mini (2015??)
Tablet for entertainment and mobile games, and general surfing of web.

inactive use

  • about 4 laptops of various age / generation
  • probably enough spare parts to assemble 1 PC and a decent Server
  • Macbook Pro (x2 if you count work-provided computers)
  • Windows Desktop
  • Galaxy S7
  • iPad Mini

I've done work on all of those, though the S7 and iPad Mini have mostly been used for writing and taking notes rather than actual coding (I tried on the iPad once, it wasn't great).


TL;DR Several; Mostly one.

Does that PC with removed GPU counts? What about that Raspberry PI. And the other one without an SD card (that I'll definitely use for that project I had in mind 5 years ago!) There's my PS3, Vita, and PS4. Technically the Samsung TV is a computer device. So is the Android TV dongle. Should I count the old Motorola with a cracked screen and the iPhone that doesn't charge anymore but one day might if I bother to change the battery? Or my Canon EOS with a custom ROM that can play mini games?

Related question: how many digital camera sensors (CCD or CMOS) do you have in your household?

I remember the day I got my first webcam. A digital camera! It could capture the picture (240p or so), and you didn't have to bring the film to the store and wait a day or two for them to print your pics (just so you can realize you didn't exactly match the camera settings with the film ISO so they all ended up too dark, but that's another story.)

Now your phone has at least 3 cameras.


Just my Mid 2015 15-inch MacBook Pro, the last model with USB ports and MagSafe adapter. I use it for everything and I'll probably keep using it for everything until it dies, just like the last one :D

Oh and iPhone 5c, I'd keep this one forever but I can't update iOS on it anymore so it's becoming a problem.

  • 2012 Dell inspiron (stills turn on) w/ dual boot Windows 10 and Ubuntu 16.04
  • Mac Book Pro 2015
  • Custom PC (i5 7500, gtx 1060) w/ Dual boot Windows 10 and Pop_OS 18.04
  • Xiaomi Redmi S2
  • iPhone 6S
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab E 7"

I mostly work with my PC, if I have to move to other place I use mac book, or maybe just when need to use something on bed. The tablet is just for watching videos, and the dell laptop is used by my father sometimes, but were with me all college.


2 laptops, 2 phones, 1 smart (enough) watch

  1. Lenovo Ideapad 110 Solus 64bit, AMD A8 APU x4, 8GB RAM (7GB usable) My primary machine. Used for everything from Java to diary, gaming to web surfing. I finished GTA5 on this thing.
  2. Sony Vaio (2007) Manjaro 32bit, Intel Pentium x2, 1GB RAM My testing :cough: victim :cough: machine.
  3. MI Note 4 Lineage OS 15, 4GB RAM I used this for learning Android development but I am not focused on that right now. You know why @ben 😉
  4. Sony Xperia XA1 Stock ROM, I guess 3GB RAM Mostly entertainment Story: My father sent me his this phone after I informed him that I dropped my MI Note 4 off my pocket at a restaurant when traveling between cities. I lost hope for Note4 to return back but driver asked about it, found and returned it. Now I have 2 phones.
  5. MI Band HRX I use this for liveware development
  • Old Toshiba Satellite (loaded with Ubuntu)
  • Custom desktop tower
  • Pixel 2

I use all my devices except for my pixel 2, but I mainly use my big desktop tower and the macbook pro provided by the company I work for.


Oh boy, that's gonna be a long list:

  • Custom built desktop (dev + university)
  • Lenovo Thinkpad T460p (dev + university)
  • iPad Pro (university)
  • LG G6 (daily driver)
  • LG G5 (backup phone)
  • Raspberry PI Model B (IRC bouncer)
  • + A bunch of old barely working phones
  • + A bunch of old laptops that I only use for hacking around

Lots of macbooks collecting dust bellow.

  • MacBook Pro circa 2018
  • Chromebook
  • Hackentosh build ... Maybe
  • Android installed Asus transformer
  • 5 or so Android devices at various levels of crap
  • Google home mini
  • Alexa dot
  • LG Smart tv
  • Probably other things, is my toilet smart yet?

The answer is 8


MacBook from Work
iPhone from Work
Family iPad

Using MacBook mostly, but also the iPad via SSHing into my VPS, or with some of the other dev-tools. Nothing serious, though.

What I'd like to have is a virtual Linux- or OSX-Machine I can log into from anywhere, so I'm independent of the hardware. Is that a thing? I got a VPS I can use via terminal, but I'd really like some GUI.

  • A custom desktop PC at home used for coding (Arch Linux) and gaming (Windows 10)
  • A Dell OptiPlex 7040 (desktop) at work (runs on Windows 10 but I use a Debian 9 in a fullscreen VM all day)
  • A 2013 Asus VivoBook S200E, my old college laptop, I only use it when I need a keyboard to look something up, I probably won't replace it when it dies

And my phone (Xiaomi Mi A2) and that's pretty much it. Back in my high-school/college days I always had a number of old computers around to tinker with but now I like to keep things simple: one good ready-for-work PC and I'm all set.


Laptop PC and phone. So phone is only for communication and such stuff but PC is for job related stuff both my girls and mine while she has her own laptop I have mine and use GNU/Linux on it. PC is powerhouse for Adobe stuff for her and WSL for me- development(java scala node php c#). Laptop has same except for C#

  • Desktop workstation
  • Intel NUC - CI/CD server
  • Raspberry Pi - running some testing software
  • Macbook Pro 2015

Since I am working from home all the time, macbook is rarely opened :) Really happy with the desktop, in few months it will be a year since I am using it and I can't imagine myself going back to mac & macos. Having 16 cores, 32GB RAM and Intel Optane SSD allows you to actually never think about resources and you never have to wait for computer to do something. On my mac it was a different case, quite difficult to develop on the same machine where Kubernetes is running :D


Custom built PC 1 (9900k, 2070RTX) - This is what I do 90% of my non-coding work on.

Custom built PC 2 (4790k, 970GTX) - This is what I do none of my anything on. It's just sort of there for when someone wants to work on a PC and mine's taken.

Huawei MateBook 13 - My baby. This is what I do all my coding on.

OnePlus 6t - Main phone

Huawei p20 lite - Android test phone

iPad Pro 13" - iOS test device + drawing device for when I do architecture/conceptual work

Besides a few smart TVs, that's really it!

  • Custom built desktop: windows 10 machine mainly for gaming. Nowadays it mainly collects dust
  • Thinkpad T470: Running Ubuntu 18.04, the machine I use the most for development
  • 2 old laptop that are decomissionned but I still have to send to a recycling center

That's about it. I rally hate having too much stuff so I keep it pretty simple

  • MSI gaming laptop
  • Desktop computer (workstation)
  • PCSpecialist lightweight laptop
  • NAS server
  • Virtualization server (refurb. desktop)
  • All-purpose server (refurb. desktop)
  • very small laptop (unused)
  • 3x Raspberry Pi
  • IPad 1
  • IPad 3
  • NVIDIA shield tablet
  • SailfishOS phone
  • Android phone

1 Desktop
2 Laptops
1 Macbook
2 iPhones
1 Android Phone
1 TinkerBoard
1 FireStick
1 Tessel
1 EC2 with Cloud9 🤣

I mostly work on the MacBook with the iPhones for mobile stuff and on the desktop with the EC2 for the rest.

  • Windows 10 desktop
  • Windows 10 laptop
  • 4 Android phones (1 with a phone/data plan, the rest WiFi only)
  • Android tablet
  • Nook tablet
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Google Home Mini

I use the desktop and laptop regularly. The phone with a plan is my daily driver and I also use it to test websites. The tablets I use occasionally. The RPi is running Google Assistant, and the Google Home Mini is in the living room.

  • 2018 MacBook Pro (primary machine)
  • 12.9” iPad Pro (writing/mobile device)
  • iPhone 7+ (phone)
  • Dell 7020 Desktop (home computer, mostly used by my kids, also gives me the ability to do localization and fringe visual studio stuff that hasn’t been brought to VS for Mac yet.)

Hm, good question - i guess I'll have to make a list to count.

  • Google Pixel 3 Plus
  • OnePlus 3T w/ lineage
  • Raspberry Pi 3B+ Pihole
  • Raspbery Pi 2 RetroPie
  • old(ish) Desktop-gone-living-room PC/Steam Machine
  • 2015 MacBook pro 15"
  • Thinkpad T420s
  • 2017 MacBook pro 17"
  • 2018 Razer Blade

I regularly work with the Blade and the 2017 MBP - sometimes with the Thinkpad and the old Macbook.


Samsung Chromebook (1st gen) (for looks at this point)
Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro (sometimes dev)
2017 Macbook Pro (dev)
built PC (gaming..)
3 recycled computers for home servers (all CentOS container hosts - dev)

Samsung Galaxy S2
Samsung Galaxy S3
2013 Moto X
2015 Moto X
iPhone 5 (dev)
Pixel 3 (main driver / dev device)

2 Google Home minis
<< no tablets >>
4 mechanical keyboards, about to be 5 (don't @ me)
~6 mouses (I keep 3 hooked to my gaming machine)

would love a Drobo NAS


I tend to cull my devices every so often. I'm also not counting family devices like our home computer, kid's phones and tablets, etc. I'm just counting the stuff that is just mine. Anyway, I keep things pretty lean:

  • Custom Built PC - Ubuntu 19.04
  • Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro - Ubuntu 19.04
  • Surface Go w/LTE
  • iPad Air 2 w/LTE
  • Google Pixel 3a XL
  • Raspberry Pi 3 in Argon One case
  • 2 x Google Home Mini
  • 3 x Roku (various models)

Used regularly:

  • Dell XPS 15 (current laptop)
  • Dell XPS 410 (tower, circa 2007, file/email server)
  • HP tower of some sort (circa 2008, wife's computer, used for testing)
  • Galaxy S8 (mine)
  • iPhone 6s (daughter's)
  • iPhone 6s Plus (other daughter's)
  • iPhone XR (wife's)
  • 3xiPad Mini 4 (mine and my kids', testing iOS apps and websites)
  • 2x iPad Airs (kids', testing iOS apps and websites) Windows 10 8" tablet (mine, testing UWP and CPU usage for desktop apps)

Not used regularly:

  • Dell Inspiron 14 (very old, used for testing on Vista and low-powered devices)
  • iPad 2 (mine, testing old versions of iOS)

daily use
Iphone SE
2014 Macbook pro
Google Home mini

no longer used much
Old plastic macbook, not even sure what model it is anymore
iPod shuffle (2nd gen)


I have listen great things about iphone SE, how is it serving you?


I was hesitant of moving to iOS ecosystem but wanted a pocket-sized phone. Gave SE a try exactly two years ago and it is still going strong. Battery drains a bit faster now, although I still feel I can use this for one more year before upgrading.


I love the small form factor, and it's a decent phone for my needs.


DELL laptop (2 of them)
Pentium core2-duo PC
i5 PC
google home mini
Raspberry Pi 2B (2 of them)
Asus tablet

and then there's my wife's laptop, daughter's laptop and 3 more phones which, technically, I own... ;-)

ohhh, do Arduinos count? I have ~5 of them...

For development: 2 DELL laptops and the macbook, and one raspberry pi (rarely).

  • MacBook Pro 2016 13" w/ TouchBar
  • iPad Pro 2018 12.9"
  • iPhone Xs

I also have a Raspberry Pi in a random drawer that gets pulled out at least once a year for some random small project to satisfy an itch.


Wow just realized too many, I should sell some :)

Surface Pro 2, 4, 5
Surface Go
Macbook air
2 HP Windows mini Tablet 7 inches
1 Windows Tablet 8 inches
Lenovo yoga tablet 10 inche
Samsung Windows Tablet
PC Acer Intel Core 7 15 inch
2 Asus Notebooks
Ipad Pro 12 inches, Ipad mini, Ipad 2
Samsung Android Tablet 12 inches
Samsung Android Tablet 7 inches
Iphone 6, Iphone 6s
Huawei Android Phone

I don't want to even count other devices :)


MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2018) <-- main dev machine... iOS (Swift, Objective-C) + Web (Django, React, Go, Vue etc) + Android (Java, Kotlin)

iPhone X (everyday use + dev)
iPhone 8 (dev testing)
iPhone 6S (dev testing)
iPhone 5S (dev testing)
iPhone 4S (dev testing)
iPhone 4 (dev testing)

Google Pixel 3 (dev testing)
LG Nexus 5X (dev testing)
Motorola Moto E4 Plus (dev testing)

Apple Watch Series 3 (no dev ... just everyday use)

XMG P507 PRO Gam. Laptop 2017 (for M$ related dev work and occasional gaming)

Haven't dared to add iPad or any other tablet to my arsenal ... but will probably buy iPad Pro for travel reading/movies and for learning to draw/design + work related mockuping.

  • 5-year old Asus laptop, which I use as a primary computer at the "office"
  • newer Acer laptop which I use to work/do other stuff in other locations
  • Nokia 7 plus with a broken screen 🤦🏻‍♀️
  • Kindle Paperwhite ✨

Active use:

  • Google Pixelbook
  • Pixel 2 XL


  • MacBook Pro (2012) with hard drive issues, so it boots Ubuntu off a USB.
  • Windows Desktop - works, but not 100% reliably. Looking to refresh this possibly into a Photoshop/Lightroom machine for a bit.

Hmm, in "storage" probably a half-dozen laptops, a couple of Pis and a couple each of old phones and tablets.

In the process of becoming some kind of project piece, one micro-format desktop.

In use, a desktop and a laptop.

The desktop's mostly for Games and Plex (It runs Windows) but I do use it for development occasionally, through WSL and a browser. The terminal is still awful, though we've all seen that new hip and trendy party-like-it's-1999 trailer video for Microsoft's new terminal, right? It's got to be better. Might use the desktop a little more then.

The laptop for everything. It's a Vaio that's about 8 years old (maybe?) 2nd gen i3 CPU with an aftermarket SSD and an upgrade to 6GB RAM. Runs Arch with i3wm. Outperforms my work (2015) Macbook Pro when using docker containers. When not using docker, it does everything I want, because what I want is generally Vim and a browser. Takes a lot of abuse, and the keyboard is often used as a recharging point for my cats. Needs a new battery soon.


Develop on:

  • Desktop
  • Macbook Pro
  • A set of 3 Pi Zeros (Docker swarm hosts)

If counting devices that help in development:

  • Original Raspberry Pi (Provides DNS and Traefik routing)
  • Home NAS (Provides storage via S3/NFS/SMB. Also hosts MySQL and Redis. Hosts temporary VMs. Acts as build agent for slow builds when needed)
  • Android phone (Gotta test mobile sites somewhere :P)

All my computers are related to development in some way or another:

  • custom made desktop PC (part list) with Windows 10 for gaming and Arch Linux for development
  • Dell XPS 15 9750 with Arch Linux, main work and development machine
  • custom built home server (8 core, 32 GB of RAM) with Proxmox and a bunch of virtual machines, main playground for learning stuff like Kubernetes

As for phones:

  • OnePlus 6T, daily driver
  • OnePlus 3, two Nexus 5 and a Yotaphone 2, development and debug devices

If I don’t count my work machines, I only have my phone (iPhone XS).

At work I also have a hefty desktop and a 2012 MacBook Pro.

Though I’m looking at upgrading and grabbing a laptop for myself in the not too distant future.

  • 3 desktop (Mint box mini, iMac, Mac Mini),
  • 5 laptop (2 MacBooks, 1 Air, 1 Surface, 1 Linux box),
  • 7 iPhone,
  • 1 iPad,
  • 8 Android.

Might sound like a lot but I do mobile and web dev, and a whole lot of testing across many platforms and devices. And I use some of these computers as media servers and TV.


Currently in possession of:
2 iPhones (haven’t sold my old one yet)
2 apple watches (same)
2 iPads (same)
2 MacBooks (recurring theme here)
2 Alexa devices
1 Xbox
1 Nintendo switch
1 PC home server (Linux/docker)
And over a dozen raspberry Pis, mostly in their packaging, waiting for the next project.

I develop on my MacBook, deploy to everything else on the list (except the gaming systems)


Personally I only own a Moto G5 Plus, which has been a great phone!

I do all of my development on my work machine: a Surface Book 2, which I love more than any of the 5 MacBook Pros that preceded it. The WSL really changed the game for development on Windows for me, and Windows 10 is no more finicky than any Mac OS that I've used.


1) My old Dell Inspiron 1525, bought back in 2008 and still working. It is the hardware that saves me when the other fail

2) A Lenovo whose model I don't remember, and that whas a really good looking laptop. Unfortunately, something got broken and it only works when it is plugged. So It is not very useful

3) A Compaq Presario. I bought it when the # 2 broke and it served two good years despite it was a little weird... Bought it as new but Compaq Brand was discontinued...

4) A Dell Vostro, good piece of hardware, this is my current work machine

5) A Lenovo 120s, with Lubuntu. This is my baby, I use it everyday because this is my main gate to experiment with Linux

6) A Compaq Mini. This was an old netbook, last year I updated the hardware with more RAM and an SSD and then installed Lubuntu there. This was my first experience with Lubuntu and since I liked, I bought the # 5

7) A CPU that works as my bussiness server. There is the billing software I use it on RDP

8) A CPU that works as a testing computer for my team. I use it on RDP

9) An old tablet plugged to my old TV in order to simulate a smart TV

10) A Sony tablet. It was a gift from my mother. It's a very good device but I hardly use it


I have a laptop, two phones (a slightly nicer phone that is my actual phone and a cheaper one that I used to use as my main phone but is now just for podcasts), a chromebook, and a kindle fire.

I pretty much only use my laptop but occasionally I use my chromebook though it has a lot of limitations.

  • Macbook Pro 2011
  • LG Tablet 2015?
  • Doghouse PC Tower 2017
  • Samsung S9+ 2018
  • System76 Darter Pro 2019

I used to use the Macbook Pro, until mid 2018 when I was able to switch over to a dedicated in-office work laptop (Macbook Pro 2018).

Now, I've simplified my environment on my new System76 laptop.

My PC is pretty much just for games, and the occasional illustration project.

I used to use my Android tablet and iPad 2 (not sure where that is) for Frontend work, but now they're gathering dust.

  • HP ZBook G3 @work since 4 yrs
  • Asus X751L @home since 6 yrs
  • Fairphone2 dual sim @work @home since 2 yrs

I try to keep my devices as long as possible to reduce my impact on environment.
Using Linux and LineageOS helps a lot for that.


I have a MBP Late 2013, a Samsung tablet and a Galaxy S7.

  • Mac mini 2012
  • MacBook Pro 2017
  • Windows PC
  • Iphone Xs
  • Iphone 6s

Two ancient Netbooks running barebones Linux install (i3), a minty S6 edge +, and an LG something that holds podcasts and music.

  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPad 2019
  • Kindle Paperwhite E-reader
  • Mac Mini 2012
  • MacBook Pro 2018
  • MacBook Pro 2014
  • Raspberry Pi 3

iMac 27” 5K
MacBook Pro 13”
iPhone Xs Max
iPad 2 ( vintage yes, but reading books and magazines is still possible )


Macbook Pro 2012

Macbook Pro 2019 (D)

Google Home

LG Smart Home (D)

iPhone 6

Pixel 2 (D)

Amazon Kindle

Raspberry Pi 😂 (N)

D = Daily
N = Never


Macbook Pro 2015, Iphone 7 and HP 250 that I don't use anymore


I own two. My Acer Aspire 5 Laptop and My Nokia 7 Plus ❤️


Only 2 which is my ThinkPad for my office work and my Asus Ultrabook that I carry it around with.

  • Custom Built Development/Gaming PC
  • 2015 MacBook Pro

I think everyone on this list is a technology hobbyist. I just have two laptops, one for gaming, and coding, and another just for coding. I build very cool programs and enjoy my life.

  • MacBook Pro 2017 (for the most part of my work)
  • HP EliteBook 8440P (for working inside my company network)
  • iPhone 7
  • Apple watch
  • IPad 2017
  • ps4
  • android phone from xiaomi

Macbook Pro
iPhone 7

Mainly just use the MBP


2 laptops
2 raspberry pis
3 phones
1 Apple iPad


• MacBook Pro 2017
• iPhone 8
• iPad 2018
• 2018 Dell XPS 12 (work)

I only use the MacBook Pro and XPS for dev work, iPad for tutorials and reading.


Dell laptop dual-booting Windows (for game dev) and Manjaro (for non-game stuff).

...but I'm still a student so my dev-space is light and mobile.


Asus laptop, Galaxy S9+, (ancient) Nexus 7 tablet. I develop on the Asus. At work I use a Macbook Pro 2016


MacBook Pro (2012)
MacBook Pro (2015)
Surface Pro 3
Dell Inspiron gaming laptop
iPhone 7
Pixel 3
Google Home


I think focus is important, so I basically work only on my MacBook pro.

I also have a a very cheap Android phone and jbl speaker to play somafm radio during work (to set the mood).


Well for programming

Lenovo flex 3
Custom pc but using ubuntu 18.04

Same custom pc
Nintendo new 3ds
Ps3 lol


MacBook Pro 2017
iMac 21.5” late 2013 😅
iPhone 7 Plus


A few..

  • A 7th gen i7 gaming rig
  • Macbook pro 2017
  • iPhone xR
  • Huawei Nova 2i

MacBook Pro 2015 (work)
Razer Blade Stealth 2018 (personal)
MacMini 2011 (TV)

I recently sold my desktop PC and a MacBook Air 2010, which was still working ok.


iPad Pro 2016
Mac Mini 2011
MacBook Pro 2017
iPhone 8+
Apple Watch S4


5 desktop computers, 1 laptop, 1 raspberry pi, 1 tablet, 2 phones. I use 3 of the desktop for dev work, the laptop and raspberry pi.


Got 2 laptops (one which is collecting dust), 2 phones (no software Dev there) and a bamboo slate for note taking


Do things like IoT lightbulbs count (I mean, most/all IoT devices have, at minimum, SoC-type computer devices in them)? If so, it greatly increases the number of devices I own.


Macbook Pro 2016
Desktop computer made by me
Dell Latitude i3 (2009 maybe)

I won't count iPad as computer... maybe I'll get a Pro one day, but still not a computer for me!.


Macbook Pro 15" RD X 2
Macbook pro 13" 2013
Windows 10 on desktop
Ubuntu 18 on desktop
iPad 9.7 2017
iPad mini 4
Oneplus 6t (primary)
Samsung galaxy A50 (development)


Dell - 2010 model (UBUNTU)
Dell - 2013 model (Windows)
Mac - 2017 model
Phone - 1 android phone.

PS: Using only Mac for development Since 2014

  • MacBook Air 2018
  • iPhone X
  • iPad Pro
  • Huawei Mate (for testing android app)
  • Notebook: working daily with it
  • Smartphone: communication, I'm trying to use it as little as possible
  • no TV, smartwatch etc.

I don't like to be too dependent on these devices.


A few hundred+

50 or so for dev things.

MBP2018 is most frustrating since 3.1.

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