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Syntax Error: What Obstacles Are You Facing As A New Developer?

Starting out as a new developer can be rough. There’s so much to learn, and it's easy to feel overwhelmed or discouraged by the amount of information out there. From getting stuck on bugs or errors to just plain old feeling like you don't belong -- it's easy to get down.

But remember, everyone starts somewhere, and we’ve all been there. So, let’s hear from those of you who are new(er) to coding: what challenges are you facing? Is it a struggle with a new language or framework? Understanding algorithms and data structures? Or maybe time management has got you down.

And for those of you who’ve been there, what advice do you have? Share your tips for finding inspiration or overcoming coding obstacles in the comments below.

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John Rossman • Edited

I have been struggling for years to learn programming beyond BASIC which I learned and forgotten in the 1980s in high school. I have been watching videos on Youtube and got a few books on Javascript and Python. I decided to go with Python first. I had a hard time reading the books and quit after a little bit. Then watching some videos off and on. I am consistent with quitting. Then I decided I just need to learn the basics of Python. So I started watching Tech with Tim's video series on Python for Beginners. I coded along with Tim as I watched. Then on one of the videos, I decided to try to make a simple password program. As I started and crashed with it, I relearned failure is a good thing. It teaches me how to fix things. That is a great feeling. I put the code on Github, but link didn't work here.