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Share Your Coding Milestones! 💻🚀

Coding can be a challenging journey, and it’s important to celebrate our accomplishments along the way. So today, we’d like you to share your coding milestones with us!

Have you completed a difficult project recently? Learned a new programming language, perhaps? Or maybe you finally grasped a particularly difficult concept or mastered a new skill. We want to hear about it.

Share your achievements with the community. Let's encourage and support each other as we continue on our coding journey!

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I study Software Engineering, almost in my final year but only been programming seriously for just over a year, in that span I’ve learnt a handful of programming languages; Python, JavaScript and it’s frameworks; React and NoeJS, CSS and Sass, SQL, Git and I’m currently learning and working with C# and .Net frameworks, and I had previously taken a brief look at Golang.

It has been engaging and really fun, my problem however has been bridging the gap between using some of these languages and productively applying them to solving problems related to data structures and algorithms. So I’ve been taking the time to properly learn them.

Anyway, my advice to anyone just getting into programming would be;

  1. To productively learn data structures and algorithms alongside whatever programming language they’re be learning.

  2. Diversify your learning; watch videos, read documentations, use platforms such w3schools etc.

  3. Give yourself time, when you’re not getting a proper grasp of what you’re learning, take a break and give your brain time to reflect and understand.

  4. Take sometime away from your screen once in a while, it would increase your productivity.

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I recently had code that I wrote merged into someone else's GitHub repo for the first time! (Technically it's not my first merged PR, but that previous one was just documentation that I wrote, not code.) The repo is only a set of solutions to practice problems (I found an error in one of the solutions and submitted a correction!), so I am still not at the point where I've submitted code to an open source project that's getting used in real live software, but it's another step closer! I was also proud of myself for being able to navigate the entire GitHub workflow on my own this time, filing an issue for the incorrect solution and then forking the repo to write my fix and submitting a PR to address the issue I'd written.

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Calin Baenen

My first coding milestone, ov course, is actually starting to program; this was using Sololearn to learn Java.

My second considerable milestone was when I made HotTea, a JavaScript library which made a stab at trying to a class-like object, which would error on an invalid property (rather than return undefined).

My third milestone was ParseJS, which was made more recently, approximately one and three quarters to two years ago.

My latest milestone, and the one I most appreciate now, is how my website is, currently, at the time ov posting this comment:

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ebuka anthony

Well, I'm still learning JS OOP, trying to venture into the backend with node in 2 weeks time. wrote an article here few days ago on a project i did with public API'S