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Nick Taylor
Nick Taylor

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April 3, 2020: What did you learn this week?

It's that time of the week again. So wonderful devs, what did you learn this week? It could be programming tips, career advice etc.

![It’s time to get your learn on](

Feel free to comment with what you learnt and/or reference your TIL post to give it some more exposure.


Summarize a concept that is new to you.

And remember, if something you learnt was a big win for you, then you know where to drop it as well.👇👇🏻👇🏼👇🏽👇🏾👇🏿

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Pravin Poudel

This week I worked to develop my own site This is just 3 days young and I hope it will grow. I am re-learning about the cookie, local storage, session storage and session in detail.
A review is the best thing I need at the moment to raise traffic and improve quality.

Here is the screenshot of the landing page:

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Nick Taylor


Guitars and more guitars being played

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Pravin Poudel

Thanks Nick !!! I would be grateful if you could point out what I can do to improve it !!!

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Robin Kretzschmar

I leaned about DKMS in arch linux. After getting angry again because the steps of removing dkms modules, building them and adding them again took a long time during my system upgrade again, I finally took the time to dive into it and learned what that is.

Turns out dkms (Dynamic Kernel Module Support) enables generating Linux kernel modules whose sources generally reside outside the kernel source tree. The concept is to have DKMS modules automatically rebuilt when a new kernel is installed.

This has the advantage that we don't have to wait for an official release of a module to get fixes or changes in general because we simply refresh the source and build it (automatically handled by the package manager hooks - Pacman for example).

Clever! 👍

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Richard Schloss • Edited

Going on to 37 very soon, I learned that no matter how much I've learned in the past 37 years, I still have a heck of lot MORE to learn! (Just when I thought I knew everything, I'll realize I only know a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of everything...and that's on a good day... :) )

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Matteo Bruni

I learned some things about html5 canvas: how to set image opacity, how to draw a SVG path that looks good.
I created a small plugin system for my library to create customizable presets and shapes that can be easily redistributed.
And finally fixed the npm package for import/require and jsdelivr and optimized webpack that it's still something I know I can improve but I don't still know how.

I'm currently trying to do a particle emitter for the next release but I think it will be a next-week learnt thing
I made some tutorials on cdnjs that I didn't know they were a thing.

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Jesse M. Holmes

I have learned so much about AgGrid this week, at least 10% of what it does. It was painful because it's been unnecessarily wrapped in a react component in various older projects, so I was dealing with both version differences and licensing issues for enterprise. Not the fault of the product in anyway, of course. I can now recite a few milestones without the changelog, and this is the kind of experience you can only gain at work!

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Anuj Gupta

This week I worked on building a multiplayer game using react native and firebase. I started with a simple tic tac toe game. The objective was to understand the mechanism for multiplayer games and also the states associated with it and then apply the same mechanism in other games/apps.

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Athul Muralidhar

Rocket! the webframewrok from Rust, super promising, still a work in progress though

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Nick Taylor

Sounds awesome. It could make for a great blog post!

Wiley Cayote riding a rocket

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Vaibhav Khulbe

I learned how to make freelance proposals and contracts. I also started using Bonsai!

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Ryan Frazier

I learned how to output obs to a virtual camera on Linux and then stream the source to zoom.

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Carl Angelo Nievarez • Edited

This week I learn Python basic and create Python + MySQL CRUD. And I also learn Jekyll and some Vue JS stuff.

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Vicente Antonio G. Reyes

I learned from Brad Traversy how to customize the look and feel of the Django Admin and how to add search fields, and filter in the Django Admin 😄