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Weekly 0047


Team Office Day.
Today was the day of the month we spent in the office to work together with the entire team, eat something together and hanging out in the office.
In the afternoon we had a meeting with the entire team with some bad news. It happened.

Mood: 👨‍💼


I started the day focusing on every single task in the morning routine, after a while.
Especially I started to study german again in the early morning. It’s a good exercise to wake up the brain.

I had the first meeting of the day with Marta and we talked about Brandplane and the roadmap.
We put some fixed dates in our roadmap and we will share it with investors and other users.

After that, I started to work to Red Origin’ bugs and I solved 2-3 of them.
I wasted almost two hours on a CSS problem but I figured out, after a while, I had problems with the browser cache. 😔

I had a meeting with an important italian courses provider before lunch. They are interested for having me as instructor in their catalog.
I am waiting for additional information in the next days.

After lunch I worked again on Red Origin’ bugs.

By the way it was a productive day.

Mood: 🐛


In the morning I worked on Red Origin bugs. Especially I solved a problem to check if users exist in the tenant when a user want to add another one as owner or deputy owner in an app registration.

After that I studied from a webinar about “Creating Developer Courses”.
In the afternoon I had a meeting with a kind of angel investor for our startup and after that I started to work on my session for the event on Friday about Blazor and Stripe.

In the late evening I still watched the webinar about creation courses.

Mood: 🤪


In the morning I had my therapy session like every Thursday morning.
After that I had a meeting with a friend of mine who are creating a new startup with other people with a product: a full-text search engine. I will talk about it in the near future.
By the way, I answered to a lot of question about how I am using a full-text search engine (in my case Azure Search).

In the afternoon I worked on Red Origin bugs and I started to prepare the session for tomorrow.
I will talk about how to implement a payment flow in a Blazor application with Stripe.

Mood: 🥶


I started the morning with a meeting with my Brandplane’ partners, for more or less one hour.
After that I worked on the demo for the afternoon session for an event.
At 3:00PM I started with my session and it’s one of first times that I can say “wow” because I really enjoyed to deliver the session and I liked the result. Very uncommon for me. 🙂

Mood: 😶‍🌫️

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