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Emanuele Bartolesi
Emanuele Bartolesi

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Weekly 0024


I spent the day with my team for our Monthly Breakfast event. We went, as usual, to a restaurant for a brunch in the morning and then we went to a coworking for our internal meeting.

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Just a normal day at work.

I have a lot of stuff to do because we will release Red Origin to a customer at the beginning of September and we have to organize a lot of activities.

In the late afternoon, I also created a new β€œempty” project for a customer and I will work on it in two weeks.
It’s a solution to search in the recycle bin of SharePoint Online.
I will collect all the information in a Redis cache and our solution searches the data on it.

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I spent the morning working on Red Origin and at the end of the morning, I did a meeting with another team to manage a new project for a customer. We need to collect some data from SharePoint Online and Yammer and I will try to create something β€œstandard” to sell the same solution to other customers.

In the afternoon I did a meeting with a colleague of mine about our open source project Security Toolbox. I will have to implement a new endpoint to send a payload with the settings to the application.
It should be easier to use the solution.

After that, I did a call with another colleague because he will be responsible for the documentation about Red Origin installation and Red Origin user manual.
We will continue tomorrow. Still a lot of manual steps for the installation of the solution.
We have to work on it.

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I spent the morning working on the Red Origin deploy automation. In the beginning alone and then with a colleague of mine.

I learned a lot of stuff.

In the afternoon I published a new blog post about my experience publishing a web application with Azure CLI.,f_auto,fl_progressive,h_420,q_auto,w_1000/

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In the morning a worked a lot on the last chapter of the book about Minimal API and ASP.NET Core 6.
In the afternoon I did some meetings about the status of Red Origin with my colleagues.

In the afternoon and in the late evening I worked a lot on the book again… because I wanted to deliver the last chapter to the editor.
I think the next week they will come back for the final review.

You can preorder the book at this link: or here:

This is our cover:

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