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Week 0056


In the morning, my colleague and me, had the new sprint meeting for Red Origin. It was a long time from the previous sprint meeting and we spent a lot of time at the beginning to find the pace and remember everything. Luckily we use Azure DevOps and everything is written in a good way.

After that I had another call to fix the login issues for the Word Add-in project. The customer doesn't use a normal auth flow authentication and I needed to understand how it works.

In the late afternoon I went to a meetup in Zurich because Amanda Silver was in the city for a short vacation.
She talked about a lot of news for Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code and .NET in general. Especially for the AI integration Microsoft strategy.

At the end of session she asked for a selfie with me because someone told her I have a Visual Studio Code tattoo on my arm.

Amanda Silver


Mood: 🏗️


Today I spent a lot of time working on my presentations repository automation. Now, when I push my presentations from my pc to GitHub, all the presentations will be published on GitHub Pages in a separate folder with the presentation name.
This is the repo:
I will write an article about this setup and what I have learned from this experience.

In the afternoon, I created a seed application for Azure. I needed for Red Origin in order to populate an empty tenant with some fake data. I will create a new open-source project with a better version but with the same purpose.

Mood: 🦉


In the morning I wrote a table of content for a short ebook about Remote Work life. It's one of the short ebook I would like to write.
I work remotely since 6 years now and I would like to share my experience.

I also changed my LinkedIn banner image. I created the new banner with Canva.

In the afternoon I sent the first Table of Content draft for LinkedIn Learning for my next course. I cannot share the topic but it should be something related Visual Studio Code & GitHub.

In the evening I went to Zurich, at Digicomp headquarter, to deliver a session about GitHub Codespaces at a meetup.
We had more or less 30 people and a lot of questions during the session and after the session!
These are my slides:

Mood: 🙂


In the morning I had a meeting with the customer about Recycle Bins project. Finally the project is marked as FINISHED.
What a story behind it! 😀

After that I added two features to BrandPlane: in the AI Tools, you can create a video script and a podcast script from the Content Creation tool. It's a feature requested by one of our possible customer.

Mood: 🔜


In the morning I worked for my presentation about PowerShell, Azure Functions and Visual Studio Code.
I created some slides and the demo it works right now (at least the first one).

Before lunch I delivered the same session internally to my colleagues. More or less 40 people were connected to listen my session.
For me it was a general test for the session.

Image description


After the session I used the same material to write a blog post about setting up an environment to work with PowerShell and Azure Function and I will be write an article next week about how to call Microsoft Graph from the Azure Function.

Mood: 🚄

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Thanks for reading this post, I hope you found it interesting!

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