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Emanuele Bartolesi
Emanuele Bartolesi

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Weekly 006


I started the morning with a surprise.
I found two books in my mailbox.
I will write the reviews on my blog very soon.

Then, I spent the morning and a lot of time in the afternoon writing some user stories on Azure DevOps for Red Origin.


Nothing special.
Just debugging stuff and annoying day.

I published a blog post about the tools that I use during live events 🙂


In the morning I reorganized everything on DevOps about RedOrigin and I moved every Epic and Features in the right sprint.
It’s more easy to trace everything now.

I published a post about a great new feature on Visual Studio 2022: GitHub Copilot.

At lunch I had a “quick” live on YouTube and LinkedIn with some friends of mine about “The State of JS”.

In the afternoon the Microsoft MVP Summit 2022 has started. I watched the keynote about GitHub and other sessions about GitHub stuff related.
The online version is not the same like the live one, but it’s better than nothing.


I created the GitHub organisation for our team:

We want to start to make some contributions in the communities and have a central repo for side projects of the team.
One of the first project is a migration from an Azure AD PowerShell module to a full Graph API module orientend.

In the late afternoon I did a meeting with the Oscar Team with an investor.
It’s not easy to speak about a product in only 8 minutes, but Marta did a good job about it.


Starting the morning with a sales meeting in the background during debugging session on Red Origin.
I implemented the first version of the “Feature Flags” feature on Red Origin. We can control all the features of the product for the customers, directly from our settings.

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