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dev.to staff on May 20, 2019

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Hi. Here mostly because of the great articles I've read on Dev.to. I'm learning (or re-learning C, C# and Web development languages (HTML, CSS, JS)) as I don't really have a clue to what I really want to do. Mostly thinking on the side of web development, game development or even embedded software. Such is life. Happy to be here though. Might find a clue to what I really want to do.


I too have similar thoughts running on my head ,hope joining this community will give me a better picture.


This community is so cool, friends,you are good man.
I want to learn more here from you and he or she.Loops!!


Aye. Here's to both of our journeys then. May we find what we want to do.


Hi, Kashfil

C# and .Net Core for web development is a great place to be.


I'm looking forward to learning .Net Core since I've never touch it before.

Well, its good to know your interest in .Net. I know the intermediate level .Net. I hope we may get benefited from each other.


Hi, I feel the same way, there are so many great stuffs out there that you don't know what to learn and where to start.


Exactly. I do have in mind a few projects that I really want to pursue but that would be the end goal of all things. Being a computer science grad, it's hard when you want to pursue the things you want to do and to find a career that you can really enjoy. Usually those two things rarely align but doesn't I'll stop pursuing my dream projects. I love coding. It just takes time for me really learn what the languages that I'm relearning are powerful for which is the idea I never pursued during my studies. Now getting involved with online communities (like you guys on Dev.to) makes it easier to have a - not an exact start - direction to where I should be heading towards to. Hope that we all can work together with a passion project we can all share!

The #codenewbie community is what made me get as far as I did with python. Its SUUUPER confusing (at least it was for me) trying to figure out what you don't know and where to start. This community seems rad, I'm glad I found this, hope you are finding it helpful too!

I've heard of codenewbie since I saw it on edX CS50. I've never listened to it but I'll give it a try. Most of the time it's always the pages on github explore that got me thinking what can I do to help people and if I can make something fun and interesting. And yeah, happy to be here!


I equally have the same thoughts, hope to learn through cooperation, what a great community


Hi all, I'm Antti - excited to join the community!

I'm working on more enterprisey technology most of the time, programming in C# or TypeScript and running in Office 365 or Azure. But I guess the world needs corporate coders as well, and despite the stack I don't work in a cubicle farm :)

I work for a Finnish Canadian software company as a software engineer and escalation engineer, and while most of my daily work life has been abstracted away from writing code myself, it's still a part of my life. Once a programmer, always a programmer, I guess!

I already posted kind of an introductory post, here:

Really looking forward to interacting with y'all!


Hi Antti! 👋 I'm also new to the community!

I'm interested to hear how a typical working day in life sounds like. I guess being an undergrad, it didn't even occur to me that writing code would be abstracted away from a technical role.

" most of my daily work life has been abstracted away from writing code"

That's why when you say the above, it really piqued my curiosity!


Hey Leslie - I like that question!

Unfortunately, it's more boring and less technical than one would probably think :) Instead of writing most of the code myself, I communicate with stakeholders, collaborate on specifications and basicly just update and prioritize the backlog for the dev team in co-operation with other product owners.

Luckily, even in enterprisey dev teams, usually you don't have to drop programming if you don't want to! It's a huge blessing that roles in IT are typically fairly flexible.

Thanks for sharing Antti! That provided me some insights 😄


Hey I see you have some experience with Azure! I am curious to know if you happen to know any good resources to get started in learning about Azure? :D Thank you!


Hey Bartholomew!

Yeah, I've got some :) The way I got started was that my employer pushed me there - or rather, the market pulled, and I was happy to jump in. Luckily, both Microsoft and many 3rd parties have tons of content available on getting you started - edX and Microsoft Learn are both generally speaking free, Pluralsight might be the best paid option for courses.

Check out these examples:


Depending on your previous experience, you might want to jump straight into development (App Service or Azure Functions, for example). You can sign up for a free dev subscription on Azure, free developer tenant on Office 365 (if that's the way you want to go) and tools like Visual Studio Community and Visual Studio Code are also freely available for learning purposes!

See for example:

The corporate world might be all about expensive licenses, but at least Microsoft makes most tools available for development and learning purposes for free :)

Have fun!

Thank you so much for the resources! I am excited just getting started with learning how Azure works! This will prove useful to me when I want to host my site using Azure :3. As far as experience I am a complete beginner in terms of Azure but I have played around with AWS a bit but never really set anything up to intensely but I wasn't as into it I was with Azure though.

My pleasure! Also, be aware that both performance and costwise some things are smart to host on Azure, some not - for example, a static site that's built from your source hosted on Azure DevOps or GitHub works well in a free/shared app service instance, a fancy modern webapp completely hosted on Azure Functions would be interesting and reasonably cost-effective, but hosting for example, a WordPress site is going to give you a questionable performance with above average cost, unless you spend a lot of time tweaking it... Been there, done that ;)

It's a rewarding journey, though - have fun!

Well luckily I am coding my entire website from scratch using React for the front end so I should be fine plus I heard Azure plays well with React and NodeJs so it should be easy to deploy it when the times comes 😁

With that stack, you should be good. Have fun coding and be sure to blog about your findings! 😉

Hi! My name is Siful. This is the first community I’m joining and I hope to be active for a long time.


Welcome to dev.to! I'm currently learning more about GatsbyJS and static sites in general. They have great documentation, and make it easy to learn.


Hi Andy! 👋 I'm currently learning about Web Development in general. I'm curious to hear what makes you interested in learning about static sites in general, mainly because I never even thought about it when planning my learning.


Hey Leslie! Sorry just seeing this now. I'm started to make basic websites for people, and so far static sites seem to be a good pathway of quickly creating portfolio or basic websites. With Gatsby in particular, I wanted to level up my React skills and get up and running quickly.

If you're learning more about web development, I think it's always good to have a solid foundation of how HTML and CSS work. Personally I learned Ruby, then Rails, then Javascript, and then finally more about HTML and CSS (which is now), and I wish I had learned more HTML and CSS to start with.


Cool, I just created a personal blog with Gatsby and was super impressed by it. A really cool project indeed.



Welcome, I can't wait to meet one of your robots :)


Hi, what made you choose rails in the beginning?
Do you still use it. I am asking because I learnt it but these days I always reach for other tools.


Hi ...

My name is Pedro Martins from Portugal

I’m a developer for the last 30 years ... but always have something to learn

At last a place for me ... só excited

Thanks to every one

Pedro Martins


Olá Pedro,

Wow. 30yrs. 👍

There are a bunch of old timers arriving around here lately.



Thanks ....

Never to late to continue learning ...

Pedro Martins


Hey Perdro. It's always nice to see that even with 30+ years of experience you know that you still have to learn. That's what I love about about programming (and tech in general) it never gets old- there is always something new :)


Hey Pedro,

That's an impressive career! Which stack did you start with?

And welcome to the community!


HI ....

I started with Basic ( old times ... ) then Pascal, Borland Pascal.. Delphi ... DotNet ... Angular and now VueJS

I'm getting old ... to many languages ...



Hi! My name is Umar. This is the first community I’m joining and I hope to be active for a long time. I am currently learning Javascript, Python C. Im trying to learn something everyday. I want to eventually program robots but web dev seems to be the best way to make money now. Hoping to learn a lot and one day contribute as well!


Hello Umar, programming robots is a neat goal. Keep on keeping on, you can do it!


Oh wow. Just saw this. Thank you Robert. You’re very nice


Welcome, Umar!
Those are some of my favorite languages to work with. Good luck with learning robotics! I am sure if you work hard you will be able to find your place in the industry.



Hi all! Not really certain what to call myself, but for the moment, I guess I'm a UI Developer. I have a background in data manipulation and workflow automation, and I love all things JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. I have also been known to dabble in Java, C#, and some other strongly typed languages.

My passion lies in crafting interfaces that allow users to navigate data intuitively but doing so in a way that is visually pleasing. There are few things more satisfying to me than efficiently breaking down a data-set into easily digestible chunks for the end user -- at least in the digital world!

I'm hoping to get a few posts up over the next few weeks, so until then!


Hi Connor! UI designer who can also write HTML, CSS, and Javascript? I was just talking to a recruiter the other day who said that more and more companies are looking for this kind of hybrid designer/developer, especially in the data science field. Programmers aren't exactly known for making state of the art interfaces 😅


Haha, ain't that the truth!

Now that we're starting to hand "big-data" back to the consumer, it's important to make sure that they can make sense of what they're seeing. Otherwise, is there really any benefit to giving it back?!



Hi Connor! 👋

I'm definitely looking forward to your posts on crafting UI data dashboards! In fact, your post prompts me to start researching more on this topic.


Hi my name is Ade.
I'm a junior developer from Nigeria, my stack is HTML, CSS and Javascript. I'm super excited to be here!


Howdy! I decided to make an account on this addicting site because I am here to enhance my knowledge on web development and become a Full Stack Developer one day. Right now the semester has ended and I am more than determined to finish my personal website that I started back in 2017! If anyone wants to give me tips and advice for how I should approach it anything will do! So far I am learning React, and hopefully one day I'll get back to using Angular for other projects! I also am looking into learning more about Microsoft Azure, AWS and Docker !


Hi Bartholomew, everything you said sounds great so far! Keep reading, keep learning and it will sink in before you know it! Microsoft has some great documentation now so be sure to check it out. Also find some tech podcasts you can listen to. It's amazing how much knowledge you can get just listening to other people talk shop.


Thank you! I wish you luck on your journey as well and I definitely will be on the hunt for tech podcasts because I need to start listening to podcasts on my way to my internship and this summer to keep me up to date!


I spend most of my work day building websites using various LAMP stack and JavaScript frameworks. I primarily work on server-side support for websites, so if you can see it, click it, play it, drag it or drop it, I probably didn't build it.

I love technology, and I'll talk about literally anything.

I look forward to hearing from and learning from everyone here.


I love technology, and I'll talk about literally anything

Yay! Great to have you!!


so if you can see it, click it, play it, drag it or drop it, I probably didn't build it

😂 I love that!


Hi everyone! My name is Beth, and I found this place through Twitter - some developers I follow use it so I thought, why not try it out?

I'm a final year Computer Science student in the UK, now in the last few weeks of my degree. I've been learning Java and JavaScript for about five years now and planning on learning what I can of Python over the summer. I also recently spent a year as part of my degree as a Junior Developer, working with Java and SQL.

I'm excited to join the community, and keep on learning!


Hi Beth! Glad you are here, I hope we can learn a thing or two here together!


Hi DEV community! Excited to be here - I've been meaning to join for quite a while now!

18 months ago I made candy for a living, but one coding bootcamp later and I've now been a Junior Front-End Web Dev for the past 12 months! I write mostly CSS & PHP in my role at the moment, and am studying web design on the side. Hoping to get back into Javascript once I finish this design course and have more time on my hands!

Really keen to get involved in this community. I love reading the articles here - especially anything about art created with CSS or accessibility!


18 months ago I made candy for a living

That’s pretty cool I have to say.

Welcome! I think you’ll fit right in here.


👋 Hello, everyone!

My name is Satoshi. I created a dev.to account because I wanted to share my custom React Hooks and how I built them. I just posted my first dev.to post about my useActivityMonitor hook. I would appreciate a read and any constructive feedback! You can also find me on Twitter at @theisomorphic. Thanks!


Hello dev.to folks! I'm a freelance web developer from Montréal, Canada. Wrote this article about communication with your client, check it out if you're interested in that kind of work:) : dev.to/phillipmalboeuf/subtle-deve...


Welcome! I enjoyed your article. I also write about the value of communication. It’s an underrated skill! :)


Hey All,
I joined this since medium.com started charging you up or asks to add subscription for whatever reason, so came across this. Currently I am experimenting across Kubernetes and Rancher. Excited to be here and read some great post!


Hi All! 👋

I'm Christian, a rather introverted (INFP-T) guy, currently working as FrontEnd Software Developer using mainly Node.js, React and Sass.
Like most here, I constantly learn new stuff and I love to take a look beyond the tellerrand now and then.

I'm here for inspiration what to try next, information about new stuff and to gather tips to proceed in my career 😬

A bit about where I come from:

Before I started my specialization towards the FrontEnd, was working for nearly 10 years as an 'Informatikkaufmann' (IT Management Assistant is the official translation I think) doing FullStack Development with PHP (60-70% of my time) while also doing IT-Administration and Support. During that time I also made my B.Sc. in Applied Computer Science in my free time...

Shortly after I finished my Bachelor went on and found the position I'm currently in (may 2016)... I guess there will be more to come but only time will show...


Hi Christian. Welcome! And congrats on your new-ish in software. I'm also a NodeJS developer. I’m always curious what people are using within NodeJS— what database are you using (mongo? PostgreSQL?)? And are you using regular JS or TypeScript?


Hey there fellow devs. My name is Chris. I'm a full stack developer from Arizona (hoping to soon be in Argentina) that specializes in JavaScript and Ruby applications. Lately I have been focused on a language I doubt many of you have heard of called Crystal. I'll definitely be posting some articles about it 😊


Hey, Chris! I'm a full-stack developer from Arizona too. I work with Javascript, Python, PhP and NodeJS. I also build desktop apps with ElectronJS, a pretty cool Javascript Library for building desktop apps. I don't know if you've heard about it, but it's a rich yet simple Library. Check it sometime, maybe you might like it. Anyways, just glad to see a fellow developer from Arizona. Cheers and happy coding :)


I have used electron a few times, it's pretty great. VS Code, which I use a lot for code editing, uses Electron actually. Feel free to PM me if you want to talk, it is nice to see another developer from AZ.


Haven’t done this yet. Hello, I’m a Senior Data Analyst with Xero, currently making the move to management. Been writing for a few years now and Devto has been a really good experience in the short time I’ve been here. Been writing on Medium for over a year without much luck.

I’m on the constant look out for people sharing how they work. Love stories about visual studio code and people sharing their tips and tricks.


Hi, I'm Emanuel. Glad to join this community!

I'm a coding enthusiast. I love coding and everything IT related. I've been doing web development for about 5 years, mostly front-end, though I have backend experience as well as I've done backend for some time, mostly, PHP and SQL. However, I've been learning and working with nodeJS for almost a year and have enjoyed working with it. Currently, learning MongoDB. I also work with Python, hence my desire to expand my knowledge on machine learning and data science as Python is widely used in those areas. As you can see just by my intro, I love getting my hands dirty and learning pretty much anything. I hope to learn and share my knowledge with this community.


Hello dev.to'ers! My name is Noah, I'm a product designer based in Hong Kong with limited coding skills but looking to up my game! I have spent the last 7 years in tech consulting and have been working for myself and travelling for the past 2 years. I love to talk and write about UX and service design and I want to pick up more development skills to realise and experiment with my ideas. I've joined you to learn, stay inspired and have some fun with other aspiring devs and full-blown wizards.


Limits are temporary when you want to improve...


Hi all, I am atul, really excited to join the community.

Currently i am learning frontend development. javaScript, React . I have signed up udemy.com/the-complete-web-develop... . I have competed till section 11, I am trying to make habit of learning daily.
Do you guys of other any other recommendation


Hi awesome folks! Reading great articles has brought me here. I currently work as QA Engineer in a startup and also a recent Full-Stack Web Development coding boot camp graduate looking for a full-time job as Web Developer. Currently works with Bootstrap, PHP, Laravel, and Javascript. Looking forward to dive in to a JavaScript framework, SASS, Semantic UI, and Materialize. Grateful to be here! :)


A belated hello John! It's been a couple of months since you posted this - how is the job search going? How was your experience at the bootcamp?


Hi Chris! Appreciate you still got to read this thread. Boot camp was tough and challenging yet fulfilling as I was one of the fortunate students to finish the training. Only 15 of us finished out of 35 students. Job search was a bit overwhelming experience as things were still fresh since I left my previous job as I spent the first 2 years of my career in that company. The pressure was also greater as I feel that I was left out among my boot camp classmates who already have jobs in software development and it has been 6 months since we graduated. Right now I'm about to start my internship in a startup as a Software Engineer. I haven't started yet but the pressure is already there as I need to come up with at least 2 projects to present, either web apps or mobile apps that are not yet invented and will address a significant problem, or a total level-up of an existing application in the market.

Wow, only 15 of 35! I would be interested to see what the graduation rate is across all the bootcamps; very interesting.

Yeah, I know that pressure feeling - the best advice I could give is to just show up, every day, and make at least a little progress. It can feel really overwhelming in the moment - but forward progress everyday will gain you momentum - and eventually you'll be able to look back and see this really awesome thing you accomplished!

Good luck :) And if you get stuck or need help - reach out!

Thanks Chris! Will do. Really appreciate your advice :)


Hi Chris! I finally got an offer as Junior PHP Web Developer. I'm about to start work on the first week of October. :)


Hi! I'm here because the articles are entertaining and teach me a lot. I do mostly php, mysql, and js professionally but i like to use python on my own time. Thanks for being such an inviting community!


Hi! Same feeling here. Mostly do stuff around Android


Have been a web technology cynic for 24 years even though I work with it everyday. Typical love-hate relationship. Somehow I landed in the industry back in 1993 and never left.

My core skillset is in Javascript, frontend and backend (NodeJS). My formidable strengths are with finding the right tool for the job using web and cloud technology.

I am considered a full-stack engineer with hoards of experience building web applications and processes in many languages: Javascript, Perl, ASP, Python, HTML, CSS, MS Access, Postgres, MySQL, Mongo, Redis, Memcache, AWS Cloudformation/Lambda/EC2/S, CI/CD, Jenkins, Bamboo


Welcome! How long have you been working with fullstack JS?


Done my share of Prototype, jQuery, Angular, MooTools, etc... typical framework hater :-)


Javascript? Since it came out - we call VanillaJS now :-) Since Netscape Navigator days using document.layers


Hi all, my name is Denis, for the past 2+ years I am working as a Talent Sourcing Specialist, but my dream and my goal is to be a Python Developer.
I accidentally run into an article written here by my high school colleague,and then decided to join, since I saw that there is plenty of interesting stuff and here I am. :)



Automation Tester from London, specialising mainly in Ruby and Java Selenium UI testing but looking to expand my skillset and branch out into Javascript and learn some of the new frameworks that appear to be popping up every day or so!

I started coding a long, long time ago but had a career change for 20 years or so, I am now back in the software development domain and immersing myself in all these lovely OOP languages!


Hello everyone!

I'm new here and pretty excited to meet other devs! I'm currently a grad student in NYC and my area of focus is Deep Learning. I also build web applications using JavaScript for the most part!

Anyways, I look forward to speaking with some of you in the future! :)


I probably will given that I won't have anything better to do lol

That's awesome, nonetheless! How many people do you reckon will be there?

I’m not sure since it’s a community thing and we’re not super involved ourselves.

Oh, okay.

I'll most likely go, though. I'm also starting a new project tomorrow so I might just RSVP for the show-and-tell too!


Hello everyone, this is my first time here in this comunity I was searching information about the functions of a junior software developer when I ran into this great post by @tedhagos , here is the link dev.to/tedhagos/if-i-knew-then-wha..., it's just amazing.


Hi,I like reading any the DEV article,Many article have help for me,I'm from freecodecamp self-learn,finished HTML&CSS,now start learning the Basic JavaScript lessons,so Hope can in the here reading more and more,I'm consider to do the Front-end development job.


Hi buddy, welcome to this amazing comunity. I'm also using FCC to learn ;)


Hello. Here to learn some more JS and to write some articles on Django. I still have a lot to learn. Built one site, bookateria.net. You could check it out and tell me what you think. Would mean a lot. Plus would be working on UI improvements soon enough. Just a randomly curious person. Glad to join the community.🙃


Bookteria looks great!

My one complaint: I'm not totally sure what it's purpose is. I love the clean design and it seems super fast and functional. I just don't know what I'm supposed to be doing when I land on the home page.

Implementing an explanation on the home page would go a long way. Perhaps a link that says "What is bookteria?" which would scroll you to an explanation below the fold of how it all works.

PS, alongside the Twitter and GitHub logo, maybe toss in a DEV badge? 😄


Thanks a lot. 😁. I really didn't think of that. New visitors being lost on getting to the the home page. Would definitely be one of this things I'd look into 😊. Oh yeah! The badge would land there soon enough. 😄


Hi y'all 👋🏽(I'm from the West Coast). I am a recent CS grad starting a new life in Seattle as a Technical Apprentice with AWS. I love working on projects with other people, so if anyone from Seattle (or anywhere) wants to collab/network I would be more than happy to.

I have skills in leadership, fullstack dev (Vue/Python), cloud architectures, UI design, and slowly getting into marketing.


Great to have you. Your skills look on point for a long and fulfilling career 👌


Thanks for joining! Only works if people sign up 😄


Hey all! I'm Nikhil, just joined the community. I'm a software engineer working in Brooklyn for a company based in San Francisco. I work remote, and would be happy to share ways I make it productive if that's something people are interested in.

My day job is a lot of TypeScript / JavaScript and UI development but my personal interests are more backend. I'm currently learning OCaml and plan on writing about how that's going. Other things I'm learning - general type systems, like ReasonML, Elm, etc. I'm currently reading Crafting Interpreters by Bob Nystrom, and hopefully find time to read Types and Programming Languages by Benjamin Pierce afterwards.


👋Polyglot Programmer for more than six years, mostly web applications in JS, Django, C/C++ with various DB and stack. I want to be more connected with the dev communities to eventually find a project that I enjoy on the side. I'm learning React right now, currently developing workshop content for teens to learn Arduino development, and want to pick up AR dev next. Fun fact, I used to be a certified scissor lift operator for events and concerts.


Welcome! Sounds like you’ve got a lot of fun things going on. I’ve never tried Arduino. I look forward to reading what you create with it. :)


Mettre le web au profit de l'utilisateur.

Je créé des applications et des sites aux ergonomies intuitives et aux design épurés.

J'interviens sur l'expérience utilisateur globale, le design d'interfaces et le développement web de marques ou de produits. Chaque étape du processus de création est importante, depuis le brief jusqu'au déploiement, c'est pourquoi j'aime penser et développer les projets dans leur globalité.

Avec 11 ans d’expérience dans la conception Web. J'ai créé de nombreuses solutions de conception à fort impact visuel.

Je développe des idées et des concepts créatifs, en choisissant le support et le style appropriés pour répondre aux objectifs du client.

Je suis EXPERT dans les domaines suivants: Conception de sites web et dans la Conception d'application pour postes de travail .


Bienvenu Javier !

Un champion d'échecs modeste en plus ;-)


Hello! I'm here to keep broadening my horizons as I become better at programming and to constantly learn more. I'm a full stack web developer who is excited to be apart of a great programming community. I look forward to talking with you all =]


Аз не говоря български, но искам да бъда първият, който ще ви посрещне в общността!


Hello, I am Anspage I'm not sure how I would explain my exact presence ... here? ... among you. Why ..? maybe, I know where, how and what ?, will it happen? I can not know it. But even if I knew, I could not be sure. I believe you have to afford the freedom of choice of knowledge so that you can develop information on the Internet is a very long time and a challenge that you will find after a long search for things that are connected and not so much. When you follow, you are sifting to mastery of knowledge, where you are, and that's a small part of your confusion. When you start doubting even yourself so much that you have no strength, you do not want to go ahead. I still believe, and that's why I'm here. Thank you.
P.s. Invest in yourself.


Hello, after living in Beijing for a year while studying Chinese, I graduated university with a double major in the humanities and moved to Canada where I began learning French and Python. After managing to land a job at a local tech company and showing my dept how much they could automate, I was transferred into my current role as a DevOps Engineer where I'm working on improving my Python skills and learning about infrastructure and how to best help my clients optimize and manage their environments. I have smaller projects I work on that frequently involve collecting and storing large amounts of data for clients to analyze. I really love learning and look forward to participating in this community!


I began learning French and Python

Ah, two wonderful languages. Welcome to the DEV Community!


Wow, what a journey! Best of luck Gretchen. I think you’ll fit right in here.


yo wassup everybody how is it going?
I'm glad to be part of DEV.TO community, I've already read few articles while being anonymous, now I've decided to get an account, so here I'm I, it's very helpful to understand serious stuff explained by people that are just simple humans using everyday's language to communicate, rather than, by formal official docs out there ;)


It's great to have you Salim!

it's very helpful to understand serious stuff explained by people that are just simple humans using everyday's language to communicate, rather than, by formal official docs out there

Very well-put.


Haha I've always considered official formal docs boring to read, but said by an informal human like you or me makes things more understandable and often fun to read _^


Hey everyone!

I'm Ed, and I found out about dev.to from someone mentioning it on Twitter.

I go to Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, NJ, where I am a cybersecurity student, TA, president of the cyber defense team, and work in the IT department as an assistant to the CISO.

I'm currently working as an intern on the engineering devops team at a company in Pennsylvania.

I'm interested in cysec stuff, devsecops, programming languages/PLT, formal modeling, and functional programming. I really want to start getting into Rust and containerization.

Always happy to find new resources, and this site seems promising from the few times I've read articles here.


I'd love to, but since I'm working in PA over the summer, I'm not able to go to NYC on a weeknight again until probably August :(

Sounds fun though!


Hello there! Austin here. 👋

Long story short —

I'm from Oklahoma City, currently live in Chicago, studied Fashion Marketing and Journalism at my university, changed my mind and studied web development at a bootcamp, then recently started working as a Software Development Consultant at ThoughtWorks.

I stumbled upon Dev.to while searching for React-Rails tutorials and fell in love.

I'll see y'all online!


Welcome to dev.to, Austin~ 👋

It's great to see people from non-CS background moving to a software development.
Would you be able to share with a post? 🙂



Yeah, I'll definitely share! I didn't know what to write about first, so thank you for the creative spark. 😄


Hello everyone, I'm fairly new here and saved the website/app on my phone and to be honest Im just now looking at it haha but I love it!

I'm currently an intern, I know several programming languages which include: JS, Java, CSS, Groovy, HTML, Python, etc.

The main focus on here is to make new connections, I'm a beginner in the coding world but I have a good amount of knowledge. Just looking to grow and get tips from others to help me in my career and just in the long run. My goal is to create my own personal website and I've been currently learning how to test websites using selenium so yeah! Haha


Hi all!

I did only discovered this site today due to a very good article about choosing a monitor for code development, and this community seems great!!

I've a vast experience in software development and project management but I'm currently dedicated to iOS development and specially interested on that field.

Hope to learn with some of you and also help whenever I can...



Hi Ricardo! Welcome to Dev.to! Let me know if you have any questions about anything or need any help!


Hello, I am a backend Java developer at HomeAdvisor. I work with my team on building Spring Boot microservices for the company. I am also a past QA Automation engineer at HomeAdvisor, where I helped develop several JavaScript-based internal frameworks and created automated tests for various teams.

If you need help on a project involving a backend or automated testing, I would be happy to help.


Hello to all!
I do not know how to code, program, develop, design, or any task that requires the most basic knowledge but I'd like to learn.

EDIT: I was on the Glitch site and somehow ended up here.



If you’re interested in code/websites/whatever you have a place here no matter what your current skill set.

A lot of stuff might go over your head but stick around and it’ll eventually stick.


Thank you. It's still mostly over my head but I think a little is coming down and simply circling around my head. Aside from WIX or wordpress, any suggestions on the easiest way to get a site up? I Nothing fancy, just a landing page?

You may want to look at static site generators:

It’s some tooling to help you generate just that: simple sites. We coders tend to make everything a bit complicated but try to find a static site generator which is truly fairly simple.

Look up articles around using netlify as well. It’s designed to make hosting these kinds of simple sites simple.


Hello, I'm a great admirer of this blog, my original language is Spanish but I have no problems with English, I enjoy learning new skills, I think if I have any advice is to never be afraid of new things, I started with android, but now I also develop with angular, if I can help them, let me know I hope to do it :) :) good readings.


It was a necessity in my current job, but when I introduced myself enough I enjoyed it.


Hi Everyone!

My name is Trinity and I am currently halfway through a San Francisco-based bootcamp where I'm learning all the basics in Python, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, SQLAlchemy, etc... My mentor referred dev.to to me as a place to learn and be part of the dev community, so here I am! Looking forward to exploring/sharing/learning from all of y'all. :)


Hello dev.to community, I am excited to be here and learn from you all. I have been an active reader of dev.to posts for about 2 months now and I’m excited to start contributing by sharing my experiences and knowledge. It has been amazing to read about the projects people are working on while also learning from everyone in this community!

I am passionate about building tools and infrastructure that makes developers productive. I’m currently learning Go and Kubernetes with the goal to build high available infrastructure that can host micro services and CI/CD pipelines.

I am Floridian and UCF grad (go Knights!) living in Seattle. And though it is grey most days, I am loving the cooler and non-humid weather. Living here, I have picked up snowboarding and have fallen in love with the great Pacific Northwest nature. Currently training for the Seattle Rock N’ Roll Half Marathon happening on June 9th! A long term goal is to take mountaineering classes and as scary as it may sound, climb Mt. Rainier!

I would love to connect with you all. Feel free to follow me on LinkedIn or find me on Twitter at @_luisgamarra (one underscore). I recently joined Twitter again after a long break so pardon the lack of tweets (:

I’m planning my first post to be on my local computer setup so stay tuned!

If you live in or ever visited Seattle, let me know what your favorite coffee shop and/or favorite hike is! If that doesn’t apply to you, feel free to comment with a project you are currently working on!

Hasta luego ✌️



Glad to see one more Gopher here...


Hi i'm Jared, glad to be here. Beautiful website and very fast loading. Nice. Want to build something half as good hehe. I got HTML & CSS basics down now want to try Javascript next, lots of fun doing these things.


Hi. I am an assembly language programmer and electronics engineer.

You can be surprised, but my assembly language programs are mainly GUI applications and several web back-end projects.

For example, the Fresh IDE (advanced IDE for easy writing big assembly language projects): fresh.flatassembler.net

Or my ultra fast web forum engine: board.asm32.info

I am trying to prove that it worth to program in assembly language and that it is not as hard as it is considered.


I am trying to prove that it worth to program in assembly language and that it is not as hard as it is considered.

Really cool! I think some posts on this subject would be much appreciated by the community


Here it is. A little article about Why assembly language programs are superior despite that the HLL compilers are so good.


Really cool! I think some posts on this subject would be much appreciated by the community

Well, I will definitely post some materials. At least will repost some of my articles on the subject from other blogs.


Hello everyone, i'm begginners developper, i come here because i want to write some article about what i learn, i want to progress and i like read some article about the web development, i like to learn new things and to impose me challenges like the 100 days of code that i started yesterday, the community of developers is the best community i know at the moment, so i'm happy to be here and i hope to learn and be able to help in return for help other people.


Hello, I am a Retired USN Disabled Vet. 1982-2002 (Electronics Tech.) Ran my own Handyman Co. 2002-2014. But amputation from a military-related condition. Could not continue with the business. So now I am 58 and am trying to get into learning to code. Probably not enough time to learn enough to get into Deep machine learning or AI. Am unemployed, so trying to learn online. Just been hard to find a definitive learning path (there are so many learning sites). Maybe someone from the DEV community has some advice they could pass on. It would be greatly appreciated!


Welcome! Poke around and you’ll definitely figure out the answers to some of those questions.

One things click in general it’s pretty quick to get into a specialized path, so it’s not too late for AI. Once your general skills get to a certain place you can jump to something else.

Good luck, you got this!


Hello! Currently learning how to develop Java web applications after coming from a primarily PHP/WordPress/HTML/CSS/jQuery background with a now-obsolete Zend PHP engineer certification. I took a 3-year hiatus from full-time coding to part-time and am officially back to full-time!

This year I aspire to do the following:

  • Create an AMP-native WordPress theme
  • Create a more flexible SOAP client for Java developers
  • Pass the Oracle Certified Professional exam for Java 1.8
  • Create a monetized URL shortener

Looking forward to learning from and interacting with this community!


Welcome! I think you can get all that done this year. Good luck and thanks for deciding to join the community.


I found this place as a key to my source.
As I was having no clue from where should I grow my skill and get updated with the new tech crunch. Now with the help of the dev.to community, I have found a road map which helps me grow my skill and many exiting articles which keep me update with the new flavor of tech.

Looking forward to having more fun with you guys...


Hello. As my bio implies, I’m an applications engineer currently working at Wells Fargo Bank. I hope that doesn’t turn some people away. I was not, and will never be, part of that problem. I’m in IT not sales or management.

As a senior developer on my team, I work in many different enterprise-level environments, including Autosys (for job scheduling), Perl (for many, many different things - ask me), and Oracle SQL and PL/Sql development, among others. (The size of these environments, well, are massive, with data centers all over the world.) I deal with high-speed connectivity to and from our environments, including downstream and upstream vendors, as well as internal customers. I am also part of many design and planning meetings on a daily basis. I’m also involved with database backups (multi-terabyte+) and refreshes into lower environments for development, SIT, UAT, etc. And I play a role with coordination and cooperation with application vendors and their on-site and remote consultants, and security.

Despite all of this I’m still a developer at heart. I’ve developed and sold applications on the Commodore PET, VIC20 and 64, Ohio Scientific Instruments Challenger 2P (en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ohio_Scien...), Radio Shack TRS-80, IBM 360, 370, and Model 3 (using punch cards), and of course, the IBM-PC (in a thousand different variations).

Currently, I use a Dell laptop (IBM PC descendant) with multiple monitors for my work work, and I have two personal laptops, one with Windows 10 and the other Linux Mint 19.

So that’s a very quick introduction to my data processing (as we old timers used to call it) background. I love to talk shop with anyone and am looking forward to joining the discussions here on dev.to.


Hello Randy!

Glad to see a Perl coder and one who knows what 5"1/4 floppy disk looked like ;-)
I wish you a pleasant stay, hope to hear from you here...


Yep, sure do. It’s good to see another Perl coder here. I think we’re a rare breed these days.


I am self taught junior.NET developer, did not study CS(my biggest regret so far). Currently learning everything I can about C#, WPF, WCF and Xamarin. I also would like to learn ASP.NET and Docker in the future. My team specify in WMS.


Hello! relatively new developer(HTML/CSS, JavaScript, WordPress). Found my way here from Twitter and some of the folks I follow there. Looking to sort out my next steps towards finding gainful employment in the tech industry, after being stuck in javascript tutorial land for a bit. Also, I have a corgi.


Hi, here mostly because I liked many articles from dev.to and also to support open source cause. Medium.com is charging like anything to read the articles but I think knowledge sharing should be open source at-least within computer science community where most of best products/software packages developed in the world are open source.



My name is Tahir. My expertise are in front end development and now i am enhancing my skills towards full stack.

I am following dev.to community since last year. I love the way you guys are doing and now I'm super excited to be here! :)


Hi there, I am mostly here because of the nice articles that I've read here. I am learning node Gatsby and graphQl at the moment. I am still a student almost in my last year of university. For the moment i am leaning toward system and network administration and i like to do some web-development for fun.
Happy that i found this place 😊


Hi.I am Anurag ( I write for humans and machines ) - excited to be here.

I am here because of the quality of articles posted on dev.to

I am a avid reader and almost all my learnings have been through reading from internet.

I work as a software developer during the day and fiddle with my personal project during nights and weekends.

Currently I am exploring "how creative writing can help developers excel ?" Eager to know others opinion on it.


Hello! I just found this community while doing some reading for work. I have a math degree and work as a software developer, but I struggle with a bit of impostor syndrome. There's a lot of things I new things I want to learn as a developer and many skills I want to grow, and some of my goals are to get involved in communities like this one and start contributing to open-source projects to give back and grow my confidence.
I use Python and TypeScript for my job and am working on data and ML pipelines at the moment. I love NLP and am fascinated with AI research. I am also focused on becoming a better developer in a language-agnostic way, which includes practising software development methods like TDD, and improving at object-oriented design.
It would be great to connect with other people who get the same impostor-y feeling and want to build their confidence as developers (:


Hey all! I just discovered div.to ten minutes ago and I feel like I should have known about it way sooner!
Somewhat noob here, I coded some twitter bots in python last year and I'm in a full-stack bootcamp now. I survived and loved html/css bootstrap and React, about to start React Native and on to Node.js in the next 2 months. I really want to be a Data Scientist and I'm planning on starting grad school for that sometime in 2020. This place seems awesome.



I am here mostly because I want to support the site as it grows to include more and more technical writers. =)

Now that I am here, I may as well help improve my own writing and story telling skills as well.


I am here mostly to get through any weird aspects of javascript, nodejs and nginx mostly. However I will also look into php, laravel, mysql stuff when I get time. Great to be here and I just posted my first post for reverse proxy using nginx. LMK what do you think. Do ping me if you need any help.

Thank You, Dev.to


Hello Everyone! I'm Seun, a contract software engineer currently working at a startup looking to bridge language barriers. I'm Nigerian (born and raised), and my current stack includes HTML, CSS (no, really), JavaScript, React and Redux. I'm currently working on getting even better with React and learning technologies such as GraphQL, Docker, and getting the hang of some libraries here and there. But that's about me. Tell me about yourself and I reckon we can be really good friends! 😊


Hi. I've been on Dev.to for some time now but I never really took the time to make a profile until now. I like to be the cautious observer until I connect enough with the community.

I am a junior dev with focus on Javascript, React and with basic knowledge all-round. I have high interest in going into machine learning & A.I later in my career.

I really prefer Dev.to before StackOverflow, Medium or any other community. It has come to feel more humble and heart to heart than what I've read on any other forum.

Great to be a part of such an awesome community!

P.S: How can you not like a community that has those funny sign-up intros. 🤣🤣 I love it!



Hi everyone, I'm Ken, and I stumbled upon this wonderful place while reading an article about CSS Grid. I'm a freelancer, but looking to land somewhere more permanent as a career change (25 years in healthcare). I joined to keep learning and fill in the gaps in my self-taught repertoire.


Hi. I come here when I am reading dev.to/ben/job-title-full-time-ope.... It reminds me of my situation now and now I am self-teaching CS courses so that I can contribute to V8 or blink one day. Stay tuned.


Hey all. I've been hiding and living under a rock for the past five years or so, can't really remember. I deleted all my social media accounts many years ago and I am slowly making some profiles and a website again. Glad to find this community, it does seem like a breath of fresh air so I will definitely try to catch up with some online socializing here :)


Welcome! Yes, if you have to keep one social network, this is probably the one. It’s nice and positive. :)


Howdy! CompSci Aggie c/o 2012 here. I was drawn in by discussions about: impostor syndrome (because woe is me), the elitists developers (make me sad) and remote work (which has been a topic of discussion in my work place for a while). I also believe I have some insight I can write about being a "double" minority in the software development world and all.

I know there is some kind of stigma when it comes to developers wanting to get into game development, while it wasn't my initial goal, I do enjoy coming up with game ideas and trying to bring them to life. In my free time, I do some development in Unity. I had an android game on the market but never updated the privacy policy so it's gone now. I plan to upload it to my site one day.

I like cats. Lol. I have 2.

Oh and I play all the video games (okay, some of the video games because I have too many to play)


Hi all! I'm junior software engineer. Sometime interested in unity 3D game & vr:) Familiar with different programming languages such as python, C++, C#, go and java. I find the devops field is nice to complete my career, is it nice? Fact: I'm often making syntax error because I am writing fast😂 ... look forward for sharing & discussing the ideas.


Hello everyone, I am Naresh Joshi and I am excited to join this community!

I am a Software Developer working mostly on Java programming and its related frameworks like Spring, JPA, Hibernate. Most of time I work on creating backend for web applications.

Currently, I am working on Scala and Spark and I like it.


I am here to learn new stuff. For the moment, starting with .Net Core. I am following a few writers on twitter, so it’s been a while I’m reading their articles on Dev.to. Its great to discover the community & being part of it.
Looking forward to learn some amazing things here!!


So, what brought me here is codepen, to be honest didn't know a site like this existed, Thank you for creating this site. I'm learning html, css and javascript aiming at being better everyday. I am an introvert, you probably already guessed that.


Hello, everyone! I'm Aniket from Delhi, India. I'm an Electrical and Electronics engineering student. I'm about to graduate. I love STEM, reading, writing, and learning new things. I had C in one of my semesters and I absolutely loved it. Then I also learned microprocessors and some low-level programming and after these two courses, I realized that I really love programming and solving problems. I've started the full stack course on FreeCodeCamp and also managed to get an internship in a friend's startup. I really want to be a good programmer and make things or solve things.
I'm also a big advocate of FOSS. I switched to Linux some months ago and I love it.
Thanks for reading this long comment. I hope you have a great day! So happy to be a part of this community!
Take care!


In my spare time I like to play pokemon go and I've been to a comedians TV show.On the dev side I'm a web developer that uses html/css/javascript. I've dabbled in many languages but these are the languages I'm using these days and I want to improve on.:) I joined because who knows what a community or tech news feed can get you ? :)


Hi all! I'm a career changer and bootcamp grad who just got their first dev job at ThoughtWorks. I've worked in Ruby on Rails, ReactJS, HTML/CSS, and IT, but am constantly learning new things. I'm currently pairing with a coworker on a small app done entirely in TDD (Java and ReactJS), which is a big change for me. I plan on writing posts for it shortly! I'm really interested in security and accessibility, and I'm here to network, learn, and connect with others in the larger dev community.So . . . hello!!!


Hey all. I'm a veteran web/software dev, entrepreneur, and sometimes technical manager. I'm currently working on some Python projects, coming up to speed on Kafka, and creating some side projects with Angular/Ionic. Looking forward to chatting with some fellow develoers here!


Hi! I heard about this through Twitter and Molly Struve, who recommended it to me (thanks Molly!).

I'm an old-time C++/C# developer who is looking to keep my skills sharp and meet others along the way! I started out as an embedded developer with C++ and when Microsoft released Visual C++ 1.0 I was blown away with their tools. I haven't looked back in 20 years! :)

Today, I mainly focus on Microsoft Azure technologies, with a specific focus on IoT. Pretty new to that space and looking to learn, learn, LEARN! I'm also open to staying sharp on anything else in the developer world and I'm not afraid to try new things!


Hi all,

Trying to teach myself HTML, CSS & JS, with a view to front end development.

Using guided courses and by branching out on my own. Was guided here by a Developer that works with my Cousins Husband who gave me loads of tips and tricks of where to start.

Do feel overwhelmed at times. And then get side tracked into other things.

Trying to figure out if I need a CMS for my website ideas or to make my own, and getting trapped down the rabbit hole.


Good luck finding the answers 😊

Feel free to create a #help thread here if you’re interested


Hello from Brazil, Lucas here!

I'm a beginner in DevOps world/culture and learning a lot of stuff at the moment to get on track as soon as possible.
I would love to get any advice about this world and what to start with.
I'm here because I was listening to a Brazilian podcast (Gatilho Kosmico) and they indicated this forum/website.
I'm working as a DevOps Analyst at Sovos Compliance, a company based in Boston and a bunch of cities around the world, one of them is in SPO, Brazil.


Hey! I found this page by accident. While doing challenges at edabit.com, I was curious who's behind it and by clicking on "blog" button on their page I ended up here with all of you, lol.
Anyway, I've been trying to understand python for five months now, thanks to a course I attend here in Brno, Czech Republic, where mortals can attend the course for free.
I've already done several codecademy and sololearn courses in the past, where the level of motivation and productivity is at high level first, but only for a short time (say a month) before the effort to complete a larger project becomes a deep pit of despair.
I always ended up like that with HTML and CSS in the past and I hope I won't end up like that with Python.


Cool!! Always really interesting to see how folks end up in our realm 😄

I think you’ll fit right in.


Hey everyone! My name is José and I am from Nicaragua and in the process of becoming a Full Stack Dev. Actually, I have been working with React and React Native. And I visit Dev.to as a recommendation of @kentcdodds . I am excited to be part of this community and let's enjoy this journey.


I am a passionate developer who has interest in any cool technologies that can solve any problem.

I knew DEV Community when I read articles on Medium and getting more recommendations from Twitter or Google about this community.


Hi all, thanks for the great site, I somehow just discovered it. I'm in my first year professionally working as a web developer after making the leap from something completely different (English major working in libraries for the last 8 years).

My title is UI Developer, but I'm sort-of full-stack in reality, duct-taping a legacy monolith site. (Where's the #JavaServerPages tag? Anyone?). I'd like to be doing more modern front-end work, but it's been good to be in a new field and learning the ropes. And a relief to (usually) not feel like an imposter.

I've always wanted to some blogging as I learn, maybe this is the place to do it. See you around!


Hi Everyone. I've been following Dev.to on twitter for a while and decided to join the community. There's so much great content and great people here.

Here's a little about me. I blog at Practical Business Python which is pretty much what the title says. I like to try to find ways to simplify and improve business tasks with python.

I am also starting a project called slidezing which improves audience engagement during large conference talks.

I am hoping to use Dev.to to bring these two topics together and engage with this awesome group.



I make mostly web apps and games (some that are both). I started my career in SF and have since moved to Berlin (who knows where next??) and have worked for startups of all sizes, but still learning tons with every new thing. Currently loving Ruby, Vue, and Firebase.