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Weekly Digest 28/222

Welcome to my Weekly Digest #28

This weekly digest contains a lot of interesting and inspiring articles, videos, tweets, podcasts, and designs I consumed during this week.

Interesting articles to read

Holograms, light-leaks, and how to build CSS-only shaders.

Get a shiny WebGL look without actually using WebGL. In this article we take a look at how CSS blend modes unleash the potential of cool compositing effects without the need for JavaScript

Holograms, light-leaks and how to build CSS-only shaders - Robb Owen

Avoiding <img> layout shifts: aspect-ratio vs width & height attributes

By default, anΒ <img>Β takes up zero space until the browser loads enough of the image to know its dimensions

Avoiding img layout shifts: aspect-ratio vs width & height attributes

A Previous Sibling Selector

A Previous Sibling Selector

Some great videos I watched this week

Demystifyingish SVG paths

Cassie Evans chats to Jake about SVG paths, and what that mess of letters and numbers actually means.

by Google Chrome Developers

Cassandra in 100 Seconds

Apache Cassandra is a wide-column store NoSQL database designed to scale globally with extreme speed and reliability. Try it out for free with the serverless AstraDB

by Fireship

How to emulate CSS user preference media features

You can use DevTools to emulate user preferences like device orientation, light/dark themes, color contrast, reduced motion and more. DevTools is your best friend in building user adaptive interfaces.

by Google Chrome Developers

gzip file compression in 100 Seconds

Gzip is a file compression tool and popular Linux utility used to make files smaller. Learn how file compression works in 100 seconds.

by Fireship

Useful GitHub repositories


jq Querier: an interactive wrapper around jq

GitHub logo jcsalterego / jqq

jq Querier: an interactive wrapper around jq


jq Querier: an interactive wrapper around jq



  • Clone this repository
  • bundle install
  • Optionally: add a nice alias to your ~/.profile or equivalent:
alias jqq="/path/to/jqq.rb"


Usage: jqq <expr> <file>



jqq uses readline-like keybindings:

Keybinding Action
Enter re-evaluate expression
ctrl-a goto beginning of line
ctrl-e goto end of line
ctrl-k kill line (delete to end of line)
ctrl-d delete next character

Future Work

  • smart window resize support (re-run only if needed)
  • stdin support
  • rewrite in another language
  • colors!



React Hook Form Devtools

Chrome extension devtools to help debug forms.

GitHub logo react-hook-form / devtools-extension

πŸ“‹ Chrome extension devtools to help debug forms.



  1. Install extension in Chrome Web Store Or build it yourself / download the release file (then goto Development Run third step)
  2. Install devtools in your project
npm install @hookform/devtools -D
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  1. Add DevTool component in your code This won't show devtool component anymore! Just for extension detect your form
  2. (Optional) Add custom form id: <DevTool id="YourFormId" control={control} /> If you don't add it manually, it will be auto generated by uuid
  3. Enjoy!



Note use pnpm only

pnpm install
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  1. Run example webpage

  2. Run extension in development mode

pnpm run dev
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  1. Open Chrome and navigate to chrome://extensions

  2. Enable Developer mode

  3. Click Load unpacked button and select /dist

Messaging Flow

  participant Webpage
  participant Content Script
  participant Background
  participant Devtools
  participant Popup
  Background-&gt;&gt;Background: Cleanup Cache
  Content Script-&gt;&gt;Webpage: INIT
  Note left of Webpage: Browser has devtools extension
  Webpage-&gt;&gt;Content Script: WELCOME
  Content Script-&gt;&gt;Background: WELCOME

dribbble shots

Outcloud - Cloud Storage Dashboard

by [Amirhosein Panahi](

by Amirhosein Panahi

Travel App Design

by [Hasnur Alam Ujjol](

by Hasnur Alam Ujjol

Music Streaming Web App

by [11Daniyal](

by 11Daniyal


Picked Pens

This site "has" a Dark Side

by Jhey

Pure CSS Desk Fan

by Jhey

Podcasts worth listening

MobiTech – Graph Theory - from maths to MaaS

This episode of our MobiTech podcast is all about graph theory. The hosts Sarah, and Mahmoud, talk to their colleagues and BjΓΆrn and Daniel, about how we understand graph theory and how graphs and algorithms like Dijkstra's algorithm can be applied to plan users' routes from A to B. Sounds interesting?

Syntax – 70,000 Serverless Functions with Kristi Perreault of Liberty Mutual

In this supper club episode of Syntax, Wes and Scott talk with Kristi Perreault of Liberty Mutual about why they're using serverless functions, what languages they write in, managing security and montoring, and Kristi's journey into tech as a career.

Call with Kent – Thinking process when reviewing code

Code review is an important practice and increases code quality as well as develops your dev team. What's your thinking process when starting to review a new pull request?

Thank you for reading, talk to you next week, and stay safe! πŸ‘‹

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