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Weekly Digest 42/2021

Welcome to my Weekly Digest #42.

This weekly digest contains a lot of interesting and inspiring articles, videos, tweets, podcasts, and designs I consumed during this week.

Interesting articles to read

Building an awesome image loading experience

How Unsplash's blurred image loading works and why I did mine differently for a more excellent experience on my site.

Building an awesome image loading experience

Respecting Users’ Motion Preferences

The prefers-reduced-motion media query has excellent support in all modern browsers going back a couple of years. In this article, Michelle Barker explains why there’s no reason not to use it today to make your sites more accessible.

Respecting Users' Motion Preferences - Smashing Magazine

Evaluating Clever CSS Solutions

Tips, tricks and tutorials on the web’s most beautiful language.

CSS { In Real Life } | Evaluating Clever CSS Solutions

Some great videos I watched this week

Auth0 in 100 Seconds

Auth0 is Authentication-as-a-Service used to manage the front door to your application. It provides drop-in user auth solutions that look great on any frontend app, and integrate with any backend server.

by Fireship

VS Code tips: The Color Highlight extension

Today's VS Code extension: Color Highlight
See prominent previews of CSS style colors in your code. You can also configure how the colors are displayed.

by Matt Bierner

New in Chrome 95: URLPattern, the Eye Dropper API, new origin trials, and more!

Chrome 95 is rolling out now! Routing gets easier with URLPattern baked into the browser, the Eye Dropper API provides a built-in tool for selecting colors, there’s a new origin trial that allows you to opt in to receiving the reduced UA string now, and there’s plenty more.

by Google Chrome Developers

Subgrid is All About Inheriting Grid Lines

Maybe that's the best way to understand subgrid: it's an opportunity for you to tell a child element of an existing grid to use the grid lines from the parent element for its rows and/or columns.

by Chris Coyier

Create a Secure REST API with NodeJS and Express

In this video, Vincent is going to be showing you how to create a secure REST API with Node.js and Express.

by Vincent Lab

Useful GitHub repositories


A practical hand tracking engine.

GitHub logo handtracking-io / yoha

A practical hand tracking engine.


A practical hand tracking engine.

Quick Links:


npm install

Please note:

  • You need to serve the files from node_modules/ (Webpack Example)
  • You need to serve your page with https. (Webpack Example)
  • You should use cross-origin isolation as it improves the engine's performance in certain scenarios. (Webpack Example)


YoHa is a hand tracking engine that is built with the goal of being a versatile solution in practical scenarios where hand tracking is employed to add value to an application. While ultimately the goal is to be a general purpose hand tracking engine supporting any hand pose, the engine evolves around specific hand poses that users/developers find useful. These poses are detected by the engine which allows to build applications with meaningful interactions. See the demo for an example.

YoHa is currently only available for…

GitHub - handtracking-io/yoha: A practical hand tracking engine.


A library of dependency-free JavaScript functions that do just do one thing.

GitHub logo angus-c / just

A library of dependency-free JavaScript functions that do just do one thing.


Build Status

A library of zero-dependency npm modules that do just one thing A guilt-free alternative to those bulkier utility libraries. Ideal for PWA development or whenever bytes are precious.

Jump To API

We welcome contributions. Please follow our contribution guidelines.

Try 🍦

A REPL for every utility (powered by RunKit)

Read 📚


We're in the process of adding TypeScript definitions and tests to every Just utility. You're welcome to help us get there Here's an example PR.

You can verify new TypeScript definitions by running yarn test-types (This also gets run as part of the yarn test script)

Browser Support 💻

Data based on available saucelabs test browsers. It's likely Just is also fully supported by some older versions not verifiable via saucelabs.

Chrome Safari Firefox Edge

Uptime Kuma

It is a self-hosted monitoring tool like "Uptime Robot".

GitHub logo louislam / uptime-kuma

A fancy self-hosted monitoring tool

Uptime Kuma

GitHub Sponsors

It is a self-hosted monitoring tool like "Uptime Robot".

🥔 Live Demo

Try it!

It is a temporary live demo, all data will be deleted after 10 minutes. The server is located at Tokyo, so if you live far from there it may affect your experience. I suggest that you should install and try it out for the best demo experience.

VPS is sponsored by Uptime Kuma sponsors on Open Collective! Thank you so much!


🔧 How to Install

🐳 Docker

docker volume create uptime-kuma
docker run -d --restart=always -p 3001:3001 -v uptime-kuma:/app/data --name uptime-kuma
Enter fullscreen mode Exit fullscreen mode


A fully interactive, real-time, and modern text-based browser rendered to TTYs and browsers

GitHub logo browsh-org / browsh

A fully-modern text-based browser, rendering to TTY and browsers

Build Status Follow @brow_sh

Browsh Logo

A fully interactive, real-time, and modern text-based browser rendered to TTYs and browsers

Browsh GIF

Why use Browsh?

Not all the world has good Internet.

If you only have a 3kbps internet connection tethered from a phone then it's good to SSH into a server and browse the web through, say elinks. That way the server downloads the web pages and uses the limited bandwidth of an SSH connection to display the result. However, traditional text-based browsers lack JS and all other modern HTML5 support. Browsh is different in that it's backed by a real browser, namely headless Firefox to create a purely text-based version of web pages and web apps. These can be easily rendered in a terminal or indeed, ironically, in another browser. Do note that currently the browser client doesn't have feature parity with the terminal client.

Why not VNC? Well VNC is certainly one solution but it…

dribbble shots

Photographer portfolio

by Hasibur Rahman

Pre-order time

by Sepide Moqadasi


by Suzauddoula Bappy


by Arla Sifhana Putri


Picked Pens

Keep on Stackin'

by Jhey

Fluid Toggle

by Aaron Iker

Podcasts worth listening

Syntax – Handy Utility Functions with Just

In this Hasty Treat, Scott and Wes talk about handy utility functions with Just!

Call with Kent – Magic links require timely email delivery

When relying solely on passwordless magic links for signing users into your application, you make the timely delivery of these links to people's inboxes a critical dependency for using your app.

Smashing Magazine – What is DevOps?

We’re talking about DevOps. What is it, and is it a string to add to your web development bow? Drew McLellan talks to expert Jeff Smith to find out.

Call with Kent – Why XState?

Knt is using XState on his new website. Why and how does he use it? Are there any best practices and pitfalls?

Thank you for reading, talk to you next week, and stay safe! 👋

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