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Day 21 of #100daysofcode: Your code will haunt you

I hope everyone has had a great holiday so far.

One of my mentors really liked the phrase "Your code will haunt you" and I thought it was really memorable. It was kind of a mantra to make sure the code you were writing was code you wanted to look at and maintain. I have been tying things together in this project with toothpicks and hot glue, and it's really starting to feel messy. My code is indeed starting to haunt me.

State in my project has turned into a giant web of mistakes. Now that I have learned so much, I feel it might be faster to start over from the very beginning than to continue working on my mistakes, but I will bear through. I'm considering drawing out the state I have so far so I can get a better visual to try and fix it. I have learned a lot, but I still need to test a couple things to really be sure I understand some of the nuances of state inheritance.

Today was spent trying to fix broken things by (unfortunately) breaking them further. I really got lost in the weeds today and I'm hoping tomorrow has a better solution in store for me.


I once again want to apologize, I will not be sharing details of the struggles in my group project. That is taking up nearly all of my time at the moment, and a portion of the remaining time is being spent on studying for finals. The spare time I am spending on my #100daysofcode challenge is currently being spent on tutorials and reading more about Django!

  • Dove straight into school project
  • Worked through the rest of the FreeCodeCamp Regex tutorials (yay!)
  • Read a bit about Django, (started this series! Understand Django by Matt Layman. Very well written, I really recommend it!


  • Finals and final project sprints: Not much time left!
  • Continue reading about Django,
  • Iron out details regarding the Study Aid app (I really need to name this thing) -- May work on this this weekend
    • Flask vs Django - This is still an ongoing discussion. I received some good advice to stick with what I know in Flask, however I am still considering diving into Django, as I will have free time soon. Diving in headfirst has always been my favorite way to learn, however it is often not efficient!
    • Should I change how I deploy? Should Docker get in the picture?
    • Are there any other systems I should think about using as a part of this project?
  • Learn more about Material UI, I will probably use Material UI a little bit in my (ongoing) school project.
  • Start the Study Aid app!
  • Later in the challenge: AWS Deployment, AWS Certification, and Using Docker!?

Have a great, long weekend everybody, stay safe!


JS Course - FreeCodeCamp
Material UI
Regex Tutorial - FreeCodeCamp
Understand Django - Matt Layman

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