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Day 29 of #100daysofcode: Advent of Code!

Hey again everybody!

I didn't have any great time to set aside for digging deep on Redux, but I did make a ton of progress on the FreeCodeCamp certification for JS. I'm really aiming to finish that certification before January.

I also found something called Advent of Code! For those who don't know, Advent of Code is a fun, holiday themed coding challenge. Every day, tasks are released, similar to the 25 days of Christmas! Since I am participating in the #100daysofcode, it seemed fitting to also participate in the 25 days of coding-style challenge!
(it's also more fun and interesting than Leetcode grinding)

That said, Leetcode grinding is still in full effect, I'm pretty bitter about how weak I am in tree and graph problems, so I am going to continue grinding on those full force.


  • LeetCode Tree problems!
  • Finished Debugging and Basic Data Structures sections in FreeCodeCamp, started Basic Algorithm Structures
  • Advent Code days 1 and 2! If I do 2 days worth of challenges per day, I should catch up by Christmas.


I have two different plans for tomorrow. Either I dive a bit deeper on Redux or I start working on my project. I'm leaning towards diving deep on Redux, but I need to get my project off the ground to get a little motivation going.

If I learn more about Redux tomorrow, I will work on the following things tomorrow.
1) Learn more about Redux at a high level

  • Either by digging deeper on documentation or by finding an open source project which uses Redux fairly extensively 2) Try to recreate some of the more complicated state situations I ran into in a previous project. Depending on how this goes, I may share some code snippets.


  • Continued Leetcode practice and FreeCodeCamp progress
  • CONTINUED Sandboxing with Redux
  • Begin the Study Aid app! (soonTM)
  • Might return to a little Functional Programming discussion
  • Later in the challenge: AWS Deployment, AWS Certification, and Using Docker!?


JS Course - FreeCodeCamp
Redux Essentials
Redux Fundamentals
Redux FAQ
Advent of Code

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