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Day 17 of #100daysofcode: Some Bumps in the Road

I ran into some life circumstances in the past 48 hours that is going to eat up a few days of valuable work time. I will do my best to keep up with updates, but I will be stretched thin this next week as finals draw near.


  • Worked on some Leetcode problems
  • Learned about React routing
  • Looked through some cursory information about Vue (expect more discussion on this in the future)
  • Looked through the Flutter web dev tutorial
    • I don't think I will be pursuing Flutter for this project, however I may revisit Flutter later in this #100daysofcode challenge


  • Finals and final projects
  • Iron out details regarding the Study Aid app (I really need to name this thing)
    • Flask vs Django
    • Should I change how I deploy? Should Docker get in the picture?
    • Are there any other systems I should think about using as a part of this project?
  • Learn more about Material UI, I will probably use Material UI a little bit in my (ongoing) school project.
  • Start the Study Aid app!


JS Course - FreeCodeCamp
Material UI
First Flutter app on the web

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