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Return of #100daysofcode: Taking Stock

Hello again everyone!

I hope everyone had a great holidays and a great start to the new year. It has been quite a while since my last post and I won't get into details as to why; let's just say it was an extended holiday!

I am coming back to this challenge with a fresh mindset and modified goals, so I want to quickly take stock on what I was working on prior to my hiatus and what my ideas are moving forward.

Previous Work/Goals

  • LeetCode -- This one is not going anywhere. I intend on keeping LeetCode as my "warmup" routine. I likely will only share details about LeetCode if it is something I find interesting.
  • Advent of Code -- While this was fun, it was no doubt a distraction from things I find more important. Perhaps I'll finish this up at some point, but I am going to focus harder on tasks I find important.
  • FreeCodeCamp - Javascript Course -- I initially misjudged how much of this course was left, so I have much more of this remaining than I realized. That said, I really want to finish this course, so this will be one of my main focuses going forward.
  • Study Aid App -- Another task I deem very important, especially since it has now been quite a while since I finished my previous app. This is going to be my other main focus.

Any other work I was involved with is going to be considered a distraction. Previously, I had trouble jumping around between everything I wanted to work on, and I feel it hurt productivity quite a bit.

Moving Forward

For a little while, I want to try spending a bunch of time focusing on one task instead of jumping around constantly to make the posts more interesting. I'll update in the future as to how I feel this is working.

Anyhow, here is a list of tasks that I will be working on, in order of importance:

  • FreeCodeCamp - Javascript Course
  • Study Aid App
  • AWS Certification

Note that the AWS Certification will not start until at minimum I have finished the FCC course, and may not start until after I have finished the Study Aid App.

Until next time!

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