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Day 10 of #100daysofcode: Dependency Tree Forest

My week started with way more work than expected.


I started today off by finishing the JS Basics portion of FreeCodeCamp. These lessons seem to be very well structured, so I'm going to continue with this course until I complete it.

Today I started the process of linting my entire project with ESLint (AirBnB rules). While the linting itself was not a problem, I ran into some serious dependency tree errors and really got lost in the forest of it. Solving these errors was a really long winded process and it ate up a lot of the time I had set aside for working. In the future, I will need to be much more careful when setting dependencies; I didn't realize how convoluted it could get to fix.


As is usual, Tuesday is my busiest day of the week and this Tuesday will be no exception. My plans are to continue with FreeCodeCamp's tutorials and any spare time I get to work on my project will be a blessing.

What I'm Struggling on

Dealing with dependencies in React. I need to learn more about the config files, especially package.json and the different ways I can go about solving dependency errors. If others hadn't run into the same issues as I, I really don't know how I would have solved my dependency problems today.


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