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Day 28 of #100daysofcode: Hands on with Redux

Hey again everybody!

I want to start with a question: Do you know of a fairly complicated/extensive open source project which utilizes Redux? I would love to see some examples of Redux in bigger codebases!

Anyway, on to today's update.

As I expected, things with Redux started to feel a little weird when I started to get hands on with it. Now that I have started to work with Redux a bit, it feels like it would be very, very easy to write messy code with it. I feel like I need to spend some extra time really focusing on learning best practices with Redux. That said, the Redux toolkit is helping a ton with cleaning up potential mistakes.

I really like the general feel of:
1) Create a store for the entire app
2) Create a slice for a feature
3) Create a reducer for a specific function

It feels very familiar (and clean) from an object-oriented point of view, which is nice in this functional programming landscape of Redux.


  • A bit of Leetcode
  • Hands on tutorial with Redux
    • Sandboxed a bit with the Counter app. Added some additional functions.


Tomorrow I plan on doing two main things:
1) Learn more about Redux at a high level

  • Either by digging deeper on documentation or by finding an open source project which uses Redux fairly extensively 2) Try to recreate some of the more complicated state situations I ran into in a previous project. Depending on how this goes, I may share some code snippets.


  • Continued Leetcode practice and FreeCodeCamp progress
  • CONTINUED Sandboxing with Redux
  • Begin the Study Aid app! (soonTM)
  • Might return to a little Functional Programming discussion
  • Later in the challenge: AWS Deployment, AWS Certification, and Using Docker!?


JS Course - FreeCodeCamp
Redux Essentials
Redux Fundamentals
Redux FAQ

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