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Day 24 of #100daysofcode: Sticking with Flask

I decided to make a little time today to make some decisions regarding my Study Aid app coming up.

Django vs. Flask

This isn't the first time I have discussed this on the post, but it will likely be the last for quite a while. Following some great advice, I decided that it would be best for the project to stick with Flask. I am not counting out Django entirely; I am still interested in learning it, but I want to get my app off the ground so I really get started with the meat of the project.


  1. I know Flask
    • I don't love this reason, but it is definitely the number one reason for me. I want to get into the meat of the project, and learning Django would require a lot of overhead. Django seems to tend towards having a lot of boilerplate, while Flask is very, very lightweight.
  2. Django has a lot of boilerplate to become accustomed to
    • This ties in a little bit to the above reason, but I will need to learn a lot of boilerplate that simply isn't necessary for Flask. I also don't know how Django functions with React. I hope that it is the same as how Flask plays with Django, but I just don't know. This point is my attempt to minimize unknowns in this project.
  3. Flask is used at scale
    • This may seem obvious to many of you, but I assumed Flask was a framework for beginners. I started the conversation between Flask and Django because I thought Django was a more mature framework to get into. Now I see that Flask is minimalistic intentionally.
  4. I am not willing to dig deep into something new right now
    • Looking at how I am spending my time these past couple weeks, I don't think I'm up to creating a new web of mistakes in an unfamiliar framework. I have been stretched thin recently, so I want to go into this project excited to build something and not frustrated with the minutiae.

I'm really excited to move forward into this new project!


Still feeling stretched thin with deadlines and finals coming up, but I am still working on the challenge!

  • Bit of Leetcode practice
  • Worked a bit on the debugging portion of the FreeCodeCamp JS Course
  • Bounced between meetings and work on the school project

I am nearing the end of the semester; I'm really excited to have more time to really dig into this project and start ticking away the challenges I have set for myself.


  • Finals and final project sprints: Not much time left!
  • Start the Study Aid app!
  • Later in the challenge: AWS Deployment, AWS Certification, and Using Docker!?


JS Course - FreeCodeCamp

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