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Day 6 of #100daysofcode: Styling and styling

Nothing exciting today. I did not have much time to really work today between meetings, tutoring and assignments. There will be better updates in a few days. I plan on starting my real project in around a week, so the restructuring and styling of the song app will be finished by then.


As I said yesterday, I decided to walk through a video tutorial on grid and it helped much more than trying to fumble around with cheatsheet. With front-end development, I'm finding more and more that I need to see things getting created with React and CSS to really understand it. With other concepts, it's easier to apply book knowledge. Going forward I think I will spend more time on videos and viewing other's projects and less on trying to learn via APIs.


Tomorrow I will start the finishing process of restructuring my song app. I'll review the styling specs of the assignment and start fitting what I've learned into it.

What I'm Struggling on

I talked about it yesterday as well, but I really feel that front-end design (or even design in general) is a weakness of mine. Given that personal projects tend to be full-stack, I think it is great that I'm tackling it now.


CSS Grid Tutorial - Dev Dreamer

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