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Ryan Whelchel

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Day 35 of #100daysofcode: OOP with JS

Hey again everybody!

Other than the post earlier today announcing my return, it has been quite a while since my last post. I have had a bit of inspiration since then, and I feel like I am coming back into this challenge with a fresher mindset. Part of that inspiration comes from companies I spoke to during the break who were interested in my blog and asked me a few questions about it. I thought it was really cool that my blog piqued their interest and it gave me a bit more motivation to get back on the horse.

What better way to get back into the swing of things than to work on a structured course? There are a total of 294 challenges in the FreeCodeCamp Javascript course, and of that 294, I have 71 remaining challenges as well as 5 Projects. I am unsure of how long the remaining challenges and projects will take, but I will be posting my progress as I chip through it.


  • 1-2 hours of LeetCode
  • Completed all 26 OOP Challenges in the FreeCodeCamp JS Course (45 remaining challenges)


  • Study Aid App work
  • FreeCodeCamp work
  • Look into AWS Certifications and LinkedIn Learning courses


JS Course - FreeCodeCamp

Until next time! Stay safe everyone.

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sadiejay profile image

Hi Ryan! Welcome back to the challenge!

I'm curious about your blog that you mention, do you have a link? That's good info that companies were interested in it! Reading that inspired me too! 😂

I'm also working through the fCC JavaScript course, although I'm a lil bit behind you and tinkering with the first two projects. Looking forward to your next entries!

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Ryan Whelchel

Hey Sadie, thanks for commenting.

The blog that I mentioned is actually this one here. While almost all of my posts here are currently #100daysofcode challenge posts, I intend on continuing with some more interesting posts following the challenge! I think the most important thing is having a visible place to share your thoughts on what you're working on. I know some people have Medium accounts or even post DevBlogs on their GitHub. (I also think #100daysofcode is a great way to get used to writing out your thoughts, even though my posts are still just word vomit)

Awesome to hear that others are learning from FCC! FCC has an amazing YouTube channel as well if you haven't seen that.

I see that you're doing the #100daysofcode challenge as well, best of luck in your challenge!