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100 Days of Code: React, Python and... Projects

Recently I have been thrust into the world of webdev as a part of a course in University. It's been a bit of an eye opening experience as it has been my first real foray into Software Engineering in general and seeing my projects start as general confusion and end with an (albeit simple) app with real function has been invigorating.

I want to use this burst of interest to fuel some tangible experience in development.

So I have decided to start a #100daysofcode challenge!

The Challenge!

So what will I be doing with this challenge? The title says "React, Python and... Projects", so what does that mean?

Right now, my experience is limited to using Python's Flask as a web server delivering HTML to the client. I recently learned a tiny amount of React, and part of that tiny amount is how to hook up the two to function in tandem. I want to use this 100daysofcode to delve deeper on what I can do with this tech stack, as well as additions or changes I can make to the stack.

I should mention that my comfort levels between Python and React/JS couldn't be more lopsided. I have spent over a year practicing coding in Python and I have spent under a month even looking at Javascript, let alone React. So a majority of this challenge will be experimenting with and learning React/JS.

So I will post every day regarding at least the following:

  1. What I worked on today...
  2. Challenges...
  3. Plans for tomorrow...
  4. General thoughts...

What I am working on

So what will I actually work on now?

I am still in the university course I mentioned above, and there is a relevant extra credit assignment which is to rewrite a previous app's UI from the course using exclusively React-bootstrap modules. I have no experience with Bootstrap whatsoever, so I am pretty excited. I am simultaneously working on a final group project, so if push comes to shove, my update may include a little progress on that.

The overall plan

To stay focused, I'll lay out a blueprint for things to work on during this challenge.

  1. React-bootstrap app rewrite
  2. Django tutorial and a small app utilizing Django and React
  3. Reminder app listed here, utilizing React and either Flask or Django
  4. Who knows?

In closing

I'm joining in on this challenge to really commit to learning a tech stack that I am not currently that comfortable with. I really am excited to be starting it and delving into the world of React. Also, after some cursory research into Django, I'm pretty excited to learn about that as well!

Please leave comments below, I would love to hear your thoughts on this challenge and any progress I make in it!

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rammina profile image

Good luck, I'm doing #100DaysofCode as well!

rydwhelchel profile image
Ryan Whelchel

Hey there! I've been lurking yours for a couple days now, and your journey convinced me to get the challenge started. Keep it up!

rammina profile image

I am glad I've managed to influence people to try out #100daysofcode!

aruna profile image

Good luck Ryan!

rydwhelchel profile image
Ryan Whelchel

Thanks Aruna!