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Day 32 of #100daysofcode: Structure and Flask

Hey again everybody!


  • Some random LeetCode Mediums
  • Advent Code Days 7+8
  • Reviewed tools which I am going to start off using
    • React + Redux, Flask, going to try and use Material UI fundamentals when designing the front-end


  • LeetCode LeetCode LeetCode
  • Advent Code Day 9
  • Reviewed the past couple projects which I used React+Flask
    • I want to avoid repeating past mistakes; considering how to fix issues which I ran into. I need to treat Flask MORE like an API. I had a weird thing going on in a previous project where some endpoints were via Flask and some were via React routing. It wasn't the greatest.


  • Continued Leetcode practice, FreeCodeCamp progress and Advent of Code
  • Begin the Study Aid app!
  • Might return to a little Functional Programming discussion
  • Later in the challenge: Possible Android app version of Study Aid app, AWS Deployment, AWS Certification, and Using Docker!?


JS Course - FreeCodeCamp
Redux Essentials
Redux Fundamentals
Redux FAQ
Advent of Code

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