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Day 16 of #100daysofcode: Material UI

I decided to spend time today learning about Material UI. In a previous post, I mentioned that I wanted to figure out what the difference between Material UI and was. It turns out, Material UI is just a React library which was created using the philosophy.

Material UI Compared to React-bootstrap

After playing around with Material UI for a while, I really like it. It feels like it has much more features than React-bootstrap, which makes sense since it was originally created for React while React-bootstrap originally started as a CSS stylesheet/library.

I am going to be replacing React-bootstrap with Material UI moving forward. I personally like the look of the out-of-the-box Material UI components more than React-bootstrap's components. It also feels a little easier to get information about Material UI.


I have recently started to looking into mobile development a little more; partly out of curiosity and partly because I want to find a way to port my app to mobile as well as web. I ran across Flutter as a useful system to run my app on both mobile and web. I will be looking more into Flutter in the coming days.


  • Completed the ES6 FreeCodeCamp tutorials -- The next FreeCodeCamp tutorial section for JS is Regular Expression. In the past, regex has been my least favorite thing to work with, so I'm not looking forward to it!
  • Took a break from Django, decided to learn about Material UI
  • Spent some more time deliberating about how I want to move forward with my Study Aid app


  • Iron out details regarding the Study Aid app (I really need to name this thing)
    • Flask vs Django
    • Flutter?
    • Should I change how I deploy? Should Docker get in the picture?
    • Are there any other systems I should think about using as a part of this project?
  • Learn more about Material UI, I will probably use Material UI a little bit in my (ongoing) school project.
  • Start the Study Aid app!


JS Course - FreeCodeCamp
Material UI
Django Tutorial

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