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Day 11 of #100daysofcode: A truly hectic day

Getting this update out a little late (just after midnight, did I fail the challenge?), today was truly hectic. The first Great Deadline came up class today, and everybody was scrambling. Long story short, the time I have been setting aside to write these got eaten up and I nearly forgot to write it up!

Anyways on to the update!


Today was the busy day of the week (even busier than usual), so I did not have much time to set aside for my project. FreeCodeCamp is still getting along nicely, I really like their tutorials. I wish I had found their site much earlier.

I also did a bit of research on Django, as I think I want to try using Django on the app that I will be creating later in this challenge. Perhaps I will take a detour for a bit and follow the Django tutorial in the coming days.


I'm going to leave this as TBD for now. Tomorrow is a new day and I'm still bogged down with the days stress.

What I'm Struggling on

Deadlines in group projects, apparently! I'm proud to say we turned it in in time.

As a closing thought; I think that these challenge updates have been lacking the spice I was hoping I would be able to give them. School is eating up significantly more time than I thought it would. I should probably have started this challenge a little later than I did, but as they say; "it's not how you start, it's how you finish."

And I intend on finishing.

That's all for today! If you have any suggestions (other than "work on the projects you said you would work on"), please let me know!

See ya next time.

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