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Day 25 of #100daysofcode: Head Still Down

I have been very busy and the next few days will, unfortunately, be even busier. Since I am devoting almost all of my time to work which is extraneous to the challenge, I will try and keep up a dialogue instead! Today's topic is React.


Bit of an update on my current stance on React. I am going to use React in the upcoming Study Aid app, so there will be more discussions on React!

I really like React. My current project has become a web of shaky attempts at state management, but I feel that I have a much, much greater understanding of state management now that I have spent so much time trying to fix mistakes.

Because of all of this trouble with states, I have decided that I really want to look into using Redux! I have heard that Redux has a lot of overhead learning, but I think that it may be worth it. Being able to control state better seems key in creating more advanced web apps, so I will be looking into Redux in the coming days.

We have implemented React routing in the school project as well. I initially thought this would be a pain in the butt, but it turned out to work very well with Flask's routing. I am looking forward to exploring the Flask-React routing interactions further!

Yeah! So while I think I have a fair grasp on React, I know that I have only scratched the surface of its capabilities and I am looking forward to using it more in my coming project.


Stretched really thin right now.

  • Bit more Leetcode practice
  • A lot of work on school project


  • Finals and final project sprints: Not much time left!
  • Learn more about Redux!
  • Start the Study Aid app!
  • Later in the challenge: AWS Deployment, AWS Certification, and Using Docker!?


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