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Day 13 of #100daysofcode: New Horizons

I completed the first project I set out to work on in #100daysofcode! What's next?


I think I'm going to start using a bullet point style for this section, to keep it brief:

  • Started today with Leetcode problems
  • Completed a few ES6 FreeCodeCamp tutorials
  • Started working on my Favorite Artist's app
  • Finished the Favorite Artist app redesign

Overall, I'm feeling great about today. I had initially aimed to do much more with this app redesign, but yesterday I accidentally ditched a ton of the changes I made. I think it is for the best however, as I would like to move on to the project I feel much more passionate about. It was nice to step back and ask myself why I was working so hard on this App redesign. The assignment's specs were very simple, but I set out to do much more with it to learn. I have learned a LOT since starting this #100daysofcode challenge, and I think it's time to move on to bigger and better things.


Following a previous discussion, I am going to start the main Django tutorial. If you have any recommendations for things to really take into account when first learning Django, I would really appreciate it!

  • Django Tutorial
  • Read on comparing Flask vs. Django
  • Start laying out plan on the next project
  • Type out a discussion in my update on what I'm planning for the next project! If you want a spoiler, here is a previous post I made regarding it!
  • Start looking into Material UI! I have put some time into learning Bootstrap, specifically the React-bootstrap extension and now I would like to try my hand at learning some about Material UI!
  • I also want to look into Material IO and see how it compares to MUI (or if its basically the same, I have no idea about it)

Overall, I'm really excited to be moving forward (and to have a clean slate of code)!

What I'm Struggling on

Nothing now, my slate is clean!


JS Course - FreeCodeCamp
Tomorrow's resources:
Material UI
Django Tutorial
Material IO

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