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Day 34 of #100daysofcode: Bit of Groundwork

Hey again everybody!


  • LeetCode
  • Advent of Code Day 10
    • Probably not going to catch up by Christmas, I still think this is really fun. I may alternate between Advent of Code and LeetCode instead of doing both
  • Some FreeCodeCamp
  • Setup DB (PostGres through Heroku), setup DB schema for a reminder (very tentative, unsure of how this will be structured in the end)

Towards the end of today's work, I started thinking about maybe sitting down with a sheet of paper and trying to write out everything I want to be included in this first draft of the project.

I read some discussion on projects in general and there seemed to be this sentiment floating around: "The only perfect code exists in projects which are perfectly understood beforehand"

This sounds like it probably has some truth to it. I think I will sit down and spend some more time thinking about and recording what I really want this project to be.


  • Continued Leetcode practice, FreeCodeCamp progress and Advent of Code
  • Continue working on Study-aid-app
    • Need to iron out how I want to handle user sessions. Considering using Google auth.
  • Might return to a little Functional Programming discussion
  • Later in the challenge: Possible Android app version of Study Aid app, AWS Deployment, AWS Certification, and Using Docker!?


JS Course - FreeCodeCamp
Redux Essentials
Redux Fundamentals
Redux FAQ
Advent of Code

Until next time! Stay safe everyone.

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