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Ryan Whelchel

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Day 19 of #100daysofcode: Yesterday's Work

Time got away from me yesterday and I forgot to update everyone! Here's what I worked on yesterday.


  • Worked on some Leetcode problems
    • Notably, I worked on rotating a 2D image. My solution worked, but I was especially impressed with how efficient some of the highly upvoted solutions were.
  • Worked through some of the FreeCodeCamp Regex tutorials
  • A lot of work on my assignment
    • Started work on a Navbar in the assignment. Currently running into a little bit of trouble with it, mostly on the routing side. There's a bit of a design decision that I'm working through with it right now.

I have made the decision to not make this challenge about my school assignments, but I wanted to let you know what I'm working on at least a little bit! This assignment is due in just around a week, so not much more of these sparse posts!


  • Finals and final project sprints: Not too much more!
  • Iron out details regarding the Study Aid app (I really need to name this thing) -- May work on this this weekend
    • Flask vs Django
    • Should I change how I deploy? Should Docker get in the picture?
    • Are there any other systems I should think about using as a part of this project?
  • Learn more about Material UI, I will probably use Material UI a little bit in my (ongoing) school project.
  • Start the Study Aid app!
  • Later in the challenge: AWS Deployment, AWS Certification, and Using Docker!?


JS Course - FreeCodeCamp
Material UI
Regex Tutorial - FreeCodeCamp

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