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Day 27 of #100daysofcode: Redux, Redux, Redux!

Hey again everybody!
Finals are finally over! I am continuing the process of learning about Redux.

Redux Tutorials

Decided to make this its own section, because I want to discuss it a little bit.

The Redux tutorials are broken into 2 separate sections, Fundamentals and Essentials. Both seem like they are trying to teach the same thing, however Essentials starts with concepts and then moves forward to code while Fundamentals starts with code and tries to explain the concepts involved.

I decided to hop between the two, because I feel a mix of them is probably best for me. This does result in spending more time in the tutorials than I really want to however. Regardless, I have felt that it is worth my time as I have learned a lot.

I think that much of the code that I am learning will look a little different when I am using Redux Toolkit, so I will be jumping to Redux Toolkit first tomorrow to take a look at what the syntax of that looks like. After that, I am going to try and put some of the concepts I've learned to use in an app.

I still have a lot of the tutorial left, but it's hard to stick to learning in a tutorial without putting some of it to use, so I'll jump in head first and make a few mistakes tomorrow!

Past Few Days

Between finals and recharging, I haven't felt like diving in to anything new. That said I have continued working on previously mentioned tasks:

  • A lot of LeetCode practice!
    • Still heavily focusing on trees. When I start a tree problem, my mind jumps to solutions that don't fit trees very well. I am trying to practice trees until I start to build good habits. I am surprised at how much trouble I am running into with trees, it's the first data structure that I have struggled with. I am planning on moving to more general graph problems after trees. If anyone has any recommendations for places to learn more about/dig deeper on tree algorithms and how to get a better sense for trees, please let me know!!
  • Continued working on FreeCodeCamp JS Cert
    • My goal is now to finish this Cert before January
  • Brief scanning of Redux tutorials


Here is what I worked on today!

  • A little LeetCode review and FreeCodeCamp Progress
    • Reviewed some solutions today. I wanted to try and get a sense for how others approach tree problems, I feel that I fundamentally approach these problems incorrectly
  • Began digging deep on the official Redux tutorials


  • Continued Leetcode practice and FreeCodeCamp progress
  • Sandboxing with Redux
  • Begin the Study Aid app! (soonTM)
  • Might return to a little Functional Programming discussion
  • Later in the challenge: AWS Deployment, AWS Certification, and Using Docker!?


JS Course - FreeCodeCamp
Redux Essentials
Redux Fundamentals
Redux FAQ
Learn Redux - Programming with Mosh
Functional Programming in 40 - Russ Olsen with GOTO

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