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#100daysofcode Update: I'm back!

Hey everyone! It has been a couple days since my last update. I decided to stop making daily updates on the #100daysofcode challenge temporarily, as I was too invested with finishing my school semester to give this challenge the attention it needs! I will be starting again from Day 26 starting tomorrow!

What have I been working on?

Despite not updating daily, I have been putting in the minimum one hour daily I set out for myself. These hours have been used doing the following:

  • LeetCode Practice
  • Reading a bit more about Django - Purely out of curiosity, my next project will NOT involve Django
  • Bit of progress on FreeCodeCamp's JS course - Need to kick this back into high gear
  • Creating a small Android app as part of an application process for CodePath's Android Kotlin University course
  • Started learning Redux - I intend on using Redux in my Study Aid app (NAME TBD), so this is top priority now

Beyond the above, the vast majority of my time has been spent working on final stuff for school. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Final course project work - Integration, bug fixes, final spec checks, integration
  • Final assignments
  • Prepping for final exams

I'm still not finished with school, but the vast majority of the work is done now and I am feeling much more comfortable with jumping back into this challenge!

What's next?

So it's time to jump back into the challenge! Starting tomorrow, I will begin again from Day 26. Here's the current plan for what I will be working on!

  • Daily FreeCodeCamp progress and Leetcode practice
    • Working towards a JS Certification through FreeCodeCamp
    • I need to keep practicing with Leetcode to stay sharp for interviews. Recently I have had trouble with Trees in mock interviews, so I will be focusing my efforts on Tree problems for now
  • Redux tutorial and a bit of a deep dive
    • I want to know as much as possible about Redux before I jump into creating my app. Previously, I created a web of problems due to a lack of experience with states in React. I want to make sure that I prevent as many of those problems as I can when learning Redux's management of state. My hope is that Redux's framework will allow me to more easily fix state problems that I create.
  • Start the Study Aid app!
  • Later in the challenge: AWS Deployment, AWS Certification, and Using Docker!?

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