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Day 37 of #100daysofcode: Ticking away

Hey again everybody!

Short check-in today.

I had to use a little regex in the project today, so I still have a bad taste in my mouth...


  • LeetCode
  • Completed 9 remaining Intermediate Algorithms Challenges, completed the first project assignment for the FreeCodeCamp JS Course (4 remaining projects)


  • Study Aid App work
  • Finishing FreeCodeCamp
  • Look into AWS Certifications and LinkedIn Learning courses
  • Possibly laying out research topics -- My idea for this is that I lay out topics I think are interesting and then I spend a few days working on learning about these topics and construct a new blog post (separate from the challenge). We'll see if my interest holds here.


JS Course - FreeCodeCamp

Until next time! Stay safe everyone.

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