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Day 30 : #100DaysofCode - Very basic rails continued

So in my last post we set up a simple rails application with one route to your main index page.

Seeds file

To continue, we should add somethings to our db/seeds.rb file.

Within your seeds.rb file add the following hash:

items = {socks: 5, shoes: 2, dress: 3, shirts: 7, pants: 9}
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Then iterate through the hash and create Items to your database, like this:

items.each{|item, quant| Item.create(name: item, quantity: quant)}
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Now run rails db:seed to update your database with your seeds.

Now, when you visit your localhost/3000/items in your browser you should see all the items you created in your seeds file.


Next step was to add some links to a views page.
ActionView has a link_to method that allows you to add

Within your index page you can add the following links:

<%= link_to "New Item", new_item_path %>
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The code above creates an href tag. The "New Item" will be between the a tag and the "new_item_path" will be the href.

Now you have to define your route for the new item within you config/routes.rb :

  get '/items/new', to: 'items#new', as: 'new_item'
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That is it for today, tomorrow I will review the form_with rails helper.

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