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Day 56 : #100DaysofCode - A Tweet - Devise - Users

Yesterday I saw this tweet and I laughed out loud because I related to it so well.

I am still building my rails project and it is coming along. At the moment I am trying to add users to my project and I am attempting to use the devise gem because I heard it was "simple". However, my project requires three levels of entry. Something similar to this article and devise is not coming off as "simple" as everyone says. So what did I do today? I attempted to implement the devise gem with three different user account roles and watched three videos of the Web-Crunch Let's Build: With Ruby on Rails - Extending Devise Series

The series is helpful, but I am considering just building user functionality manually instead of using the devise gem because I do not think I will be using all the amazing features just yet in my project. Only time will tell.

Song of the day:

As always, thanks for reading!


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