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Day 40 : #100DaysofCode - I need project ideas

Oh how I wish I had something to write about. . . you know, some amazing summary on everything I did and learned today -- but I do not. So what did I do today you ask?

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Well besides relax for a moment, I focused on my bootcamp labs and checked out freecodecamps new Scientific Computing with Python Certification (300 hours) and Data Analysis with Python Certification (300 hours).

I am so excited for these courses because I was just stating the other day that Python is definitely a language that I plan to learn very very soon and then I saw this article and it was like an angel answered my prayers.

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Besides that, I am trying to come up with ideas for my next project. Although it is still relatively early, it is important to begin the planning process as soon as possible. I have no idea what I want to build using Ruby on Rails and would love any input or ideas from anyone at this point. Feel free to comment below any ideas you may have for me.

Thanks for reading.


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perpetual . education • Edited

Huge fans of "Exercises for Programmers" - as far as a list of meaningful (language agnostic) exercises.

Image poster for Exercises for Programmers book

Here are some things that are really really terrible and could be fixed:

  • every government website
  • every college website
  • every phone answering system
  • every hospital website
  • every eCommerce site
  • every credit card company payment system
  • every news site
  • almost every website ever
  • (get it?)

But - most of the problem isn't 'code.'

Even if you're the best programmer who ever lived, will you be able to help fix all of this broken stuff that doesn't serve the people?

That's a prompt: