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Day 25 - #100DaysofCode - Intro to Rails

Today I began to read the documentation for rails and work on some of the required lessons for my bootcamp. I did not get far because this week has been very unstable and difficult, but I will explain what I learned for those of you just beginning too.

First I had to install rails by writing gem install rails, which if you have an older Macbook like myself can take a while. I had to get a few extra updates but once I got it up and running I was able to easily create new application by running rails new new-app.

My lesson advised me to create a database and then run my application on my local server.

Unlike Sinatra, I did not have to set up my database manually or set up my models. I simply typed, rake db:create and then rails s and went to http://localhost:3000/.

And just like that, I was connected. I was amazing at how easy it was to get rails set up after spending weeks learning Sinatra, ActiveRecord, and SQL. Now, all that work (which was important to learn) was easily generated by running rails new APP_NAME I look forward to learning more and building my first Ruby on Rails project in the near future.

Thank you for reading.


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