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Day 7: #100DaysofCode - Setting up a Sinatra App - Part 3


If you bundle added all of your gems and ran bundle install your gem file will look similar to this:

gem "sinatra", "~> 2.0"

gem "sinatra-activerecord", "~> 2.0"

gem "activerecord", "~> 6.0"

gem "sqlite3", "~> 1.4"

gem "pry", "~> 0.13.1"

gem "require_all", "~> 3.0"
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This file should have been auto-generated after running bundle install . It should have all of your gem specs.


"SINATRA_ENV" is the key to Ruby’s ENV hash and defines your deployment environment, configures our database, and requires all the files in our app.

ENV['SINATRA_ENV'] ||= "development"

require 'bundler/setup'

configure :development do
  set :database, {adapter: 'sqlite3', database: "db/database.sqlite3"}

require_all 'app'
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class ApplicationController < Sinatra::Base

  set :views, -> {File.join(root, "../views")}

  get '/' do
    erb :index


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    <meta charset="UTF-8">
    <div class="container">
      <%= yield %>

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Your Rakefile should be requiring your environment and if you want to be able to run pry in your rake console you should have the following in your rake file:

require_relative './config/environment'

require 'sinatra/activerecord/rake'

desc "Starts console"
task :console do
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Now you should be able to run shotgun in your terminal and head over to http://localhost:9393/ in your browser and you should see "Hello".

Next step will be to set up our database by using rake. If you want to browse the rake commands run rake -T in your console.

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