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Day 75 : #100DaysofCode - My Rails Project

Today I deployed my project to Heroku. It was stressful, but I accomplished it. I want to update the css but keep getting an issue that is driving me crazy. My categories page looks crazy at the moment, but it is done and I completed it. Tomorrow, I will share the video walk through on how to use it.

B-Owned Rails Project

"Now keep in mind I am an coder and I am sensitive about my ish" -- Erykah Badu the Artist

If anyone knows how to fix my issue, this is the error I keep adding when trying to update my heroku app when I run git push heroku heroku:master:

remote: ! Precompiling assets failed.

I googled and added config.assets.initialize_on_precompile = false in my application.rb, production.rb, and development.rb but NO LUCK! If you happen to know how to help me, let me know.

Regardless, feel free to check out my application and as always, thanks for reading!


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