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Day 97 : #100DaysofCode - Building a Single Page Application and Regex (FCC)

Today I reviewed a video on how to build a single page application using json server as a database and javascript. I was able to practice making a fetch request, using addEventListeners , and using data-sets. I will be completing the application tomorrow and then I will attempt to build one without any help.


Getting Started

confirm you dont have anything running on your server -lsof -i tcp 3000

if you do

  • kill -9 pid#

npm install -f json-server json-server --watch db.json

Create a file to hold your database named: db.json

How to check if something has a dataset: const container = document.querySelector('#pokemon-container') container.dataset --> will return an empty object container.dataset.action

In addition, I began to review FreeCodeCamp's regex video. I did not complete it yet but hope to soon so that I can complete that section on the website.

As always, thanks for reading!


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