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Maxi Contieri
Maxi Contieri

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Code Smell 174 - Class Name in Attributes

Redundancy in names is a bad smell. Names should be contextual

TL;DR: Don't prefix your attributes with your class name


  • Not Contextual Names


  1. Remove the class prefix from the attribute


This is a naming smell, we should not read attributes in isolation and names are contextual.

Sample Code


public class Employee {
   String empName = "John";
   int empId = 5;
   int empAge = 32;
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public class Employee {
   String name;
   int id; // Ids are another smell
   int age; // Storing the age is yet another smell
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[X] Semi-Automatic

When the full name is included in the prefix, our linters can warn us.


  • Naming


Careful naming is a very important task.

We need to name after the behavior, not type or data


More Info


Code Smells are just my opinion.


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Wade Zimmerman

Any sort of prefix is generally a bad idea. Databases and CSS are notoriously bad about this.

IMO if you have to prefix something for it to work or make sense, then there is something else wrong.

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Maxi Contieri