Create a mock server for any REST API

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Finding and fixing bugs in your tests with fast-check

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Testing apps with third-party integrations

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Property-based testing for JavaScript developers

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Functional on the frontend with fp-ts and pipe

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Six questions to answer before implementing a telemetry feature

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Onboarding a junior developer to your team? Here's 12 tips.

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From 1 to 10,000 test cases in under an hour: A beginner's guide to property-based testing

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Understanding telemetry features in open-source software

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#techtalksShine Theory and the Berlin Community at JSConf EU

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#newsWe're migrating Unmock to Meeshkan

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Resources for learning Python in 2020

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#techtalksHow AI is Enhancing Journalism at TrondheimDC

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#techtalksA11y-Friendly Documentation at Write the Docs Prague

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Giving back to the open-source tools we run on

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A Guide to Self-Care Twitter Bots

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How to remove condescending language from documentation

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#techtalksLife is hard and so is learning GraphQL at ReactJS Girls Conference

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Defining Confidence in Software Testing

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#techtalks"Intuitive" Tooling at React India

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Setting up the alex.js language linter in your project

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What is the Testing Pyramid even?

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Introducing wtfuzz: A video series about testing and open learning

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